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Alcatel company Rich from the definition in the version of the latest Android devices has released a phone ALCATEL 3L was issued after the issuance of telephone ALCATEL3 this phone resembles a lot but there are some differences in advantages and disadvantages and specifications .

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The company Alcatel is known to provide smart phones and electronic devices at a price suitable for everyone and became phone Alcatel trader has the beauty of its wonderful with the possibility to buy it compared with other phones and market prices and we are competitive in this phone ALCATEL 3L all the specs and disadvantages and its features .

  • Specifications cell phone ALCATEL 3L

Phone ALCATEL 3L will know his preferences. and the possibility of his design, and is it worth the purchase as I don’t we will use also disadvantages to be aware of the full mobile ALCATEL 3L

  • Shape and design

  • The phone ALCATEL 3L in attractive colours compared to the phones other are available in gold, blue, and black .
  • The structure of the device is made of plastic material polycarbonate done that makes him self-up .
  • On either side of the back stop the camera in the middle and next to its LED flash and the logo of the company Alcatel from behind the device .
  • Device ALCATEL 3L from the front by the front camera in the Middle front speaker bulb special places either from the bottom then contains the device buttons but it depends on the tattoo side buttons .
  • The side of the phone from the top of the head down the entrance earpiece and microphone to produce sound from the top .
  • The phone from the bottom there is a USB port to charge the phone and also transfer data to other device and next to them there is the speaker .
  • As for the side of the phone stop buttons be patient and also a button for fallow to close and open the device .
  • As for the left side of the Viola by the entrance to let the partner call the aloe your .
  • The screen

The screen of your ALCATEL 3L high quality are available to accurately 720×1440 pixels size 5.5 inches, type IPS LCD density of 293 pixels per inch and features screen also it supports touch up to 5 points as the screen are quite similar with the device ALCATEL 3 .

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Screen phone ALCATEL 3L quality is very good you can see things clearly compared to phones of the previous issued by the company said that the company issue this phone and fix any flaws in the screen .

Hand protection not available phone with a layer of protection you should put acid lenses to protect your phone from any scratches .

The device is available brightness clear you can see the screen in sunlight and that’s a good thing .

  • The camera

Features phone ALCATEL 3L camera high resolution to pick up the most beautiful pictures accurately 16 mega pixel camera with aperture 2.0/F flash camera LED .

As for the rear camera since the wonderful possibilities you can auto focus with a flash you can take pictures of the nights with the utmost precision .

As well as also can capture the most beautiful images during the day and accurately and the quality is very high and also in low light the image is clear due to the presence of a great lens, very high resolution has company Alcatel to improve any flaws in the camera .

Phone ALCATEL 3L through video high quality 1080 P and the number 30 Under this is a good thing .

Camera phone front is very good and on previous phones, so you can shoot video at 720p at 30 frames per second and can also by the front camera to capture the most beautiful pictures Day and night .

  • Battery

The battery is very good in the development of third generation services the battery capacity is 3000 mAh arrived for 25 hours and put the second generation arrived for 17 hours, and the fourth up to 13 hours as to the type of battery-type lithium ion and charge time too long and this thing special

  • Features phone Alcatel 3L

  • The phone feature of the Conquest Through the imprint of the face
  • Phone camera good very accurately 16 mega pixel camera
  • Is the phone an additional microphone to remove any impurities or noise .
  • There is the phone radio FM works with you wherever you are .
  • Machine design and curved glass of the B sides of 2.5 degrees .
  • Disadvantages Alcatel 3L

  • Of the most important mobile Alcatel 3L can’t remove the battery from the phone
  • The phone has 3 hours and 51 minutes at least to complete the shipment .
  • The resolution of the camera a few kind .
  • The design of the phone is very traditional .

Review for Alcatel ALCATEL 3L

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