Review for mobile gaming Nintendo Switch Lite

The company launched the Nintendo device switch Lite on September 20 of this year, as we know, the device will switch Lite supports the version of the smallest and lightest device to switch the normal which was to launch in 2017. This version is very suitable for users who prefer to take your Switch with them at any place.

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Here’s a review for the mobile gaming Nintendo Switch Lite:


No different design your Switch Lite on Switch a normal a lot, the difference main between them is that the former comes lighter weight and more compact which makes it comfortable while holding it by hand.

Comes Switch Lite the dimensions of 91.1 × 208 × 13.9 mm and weighs 275 grams, while it comes to switch to the regular dimensions 102 x 239 x 13.9 mm and a weight of 297 groups, this means that the device comes with a smaller size of 5.5 inches and is of the LCD type and the touch LCD and offers a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels.

Moreover, it comes Switch Lite with a compact controller instead of the Joy-Cons, this means you won’t be able to remove the Joy-Cons, as we’ve seen with a switch normal. However, the control buttons still are the same as the existing device switch normal except for the buttons left, right, top and bottom which have been replaced with the D-Pad or the Plus Control Pad as you call it Nintendo.

Given that the Switch Lite is a handheld device only, it does not come with the base connected or the HDMI cable or the armrest. All you’ll find inside the box is the device itself and charger only.

The device comes in turquoise, Gray and yellow.


Enjoy your Switch Lite with the same performance enjoyed by the Switch normal, with the exception that the battery life Lite longer some thing which lasts from 3 to 7 hours, about 30 minutes more than normal.

However, it is worth noting that the Switch-Lite signal not comes with the HD Rumble or IR camera Motion, it has designed the device to run mobile games only, so won’t run only games Nintendo Switch that supports the mobile status.

The device has accelerometer sensor and gyroscope sensor the brightness, this means that you can still use the controls in the rotation in games such as Breath of the Wild.


A switch Lite is priced at 199.99 USD, this is its official rate.


Think device switch Lite is very suitable for those who wish to take their device anywhere with ease, it is lightweight and stores a range of fantastic games, and most importantly is that its price is $ 199.



  • Stylish design and extremely comfortable
  • A mobile device more for a switch normal
  • Strong battery
  • Accent colors
  • Custom range of fantastic games


  • There is no TV support
  • Does not come with the HD Rumble
  • Does not come with the IR camera Motion
  • Does not come with the base connected or the HDMI cable or the armrest

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