Review for TP-Link Neffos X9

Phone Neffos X9 is the version of the last of the series cell phones TP-Link, combines the specifications of the phones are low cost and also the specifications of the phones available in the sleek design of the phone and a good price.

TP-Link Neffos X9 Spec

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The specification of the phone TP-Link Neffos X9

  • IPS screen size of 5.99-inch, with dimensions of 18:9 and the quality of display 1440 in 720p.
  • Processor chip MT6750 of MediaTek featured eight of the nuclei with 4 from the clutches of Cortex-A53 speed 1.5 GHz, and 4 cores at 1.0 GHz
  • Realtek screen Mali-T860 MP2
  • Random memory 3 GB RAM
  • Storage capacity of 32 GB
  • Supports external storage card slot microSD up to 128 GB
  • Supports connection to networks Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n frequency 2.4 to 5 GHz, and also supports Bluetooth 4.1
  • Full control of the background with double sensor 13 and 5 mega pixel camera with aperture f/2.0, the وPDAF
  • Camera front accurately 8 mega pixel camera with aperture f/2.2
  • Battery capacity 3060 mAh
  • The Android operating system 8.1 with the interface of the NFUI 8.0 shell
  • Measurements phone 159.4 in 76.3 7.8 mm
  • The weight of the phone is 168 grams. TP-Link Neffos X9 box

The content of the box for TP-Link Neffos X9

Offer TP-Link phone Neffos X9 with power adapter capacity 5V/2A, to the side of the USB cable to the micro USB, it also features a phone box earphone wire, and also provides TP-Link phone folder designed of silicone, also comes in the content of the box pin own a girl SIM, along with a range of different brochures.

The design of the phone TP-Link Neffos X9

Applies phone Neffos X9 two of the choices in colors are light gray and black, that comes the color in the front frame in black, model black of the phone, while model representative of a light gray back with white color frame of the phone to comply with the gray color of the background.

Also in general does not come the design of the phone the same traditional design for my phone C9A and C7, with phone Neffos X9 curved screen 2.5 D, as characterized by the side edges of the phone the size of the average, come to the bottom edge of the larger size of the top edge of the phone, also includes the bottom edge of the logo of the manufacturer.

From another side comes the design of the back side of the phone in a positive, fun and more, designed with a textured cable control rear double, comes the bottom layer of glass, with the coating in black for the car, but it generally comes with a premium design in the back of the phone.

Also the phone features a bright stripe at the top and bottom side of the back, a design mimics the lines of the antenna, which is a distinctive touch in the phone which is crafted from polycarbonate no it does not come the design of metal where it can distinguish this difference when holding the phone, however, the design of the building integrated well into the phone.

It also houses the phone at the top of the company LED bar for notifications, with the sensor of the camera front to the side of the sensor for ambient lighting, headsets also, as the screen ends with a sense of the manufacturer of the phone.

While the control button in the level of acoustics to the side of the play button in the right side of the phone, also come to open a SIM at the left side of the phone, where it supports two SIM cards the size of a nano, or a single chip with the external storage card a microSD.

tp-link-neffos-x9-microUSB port

In the bottom of the phone comes a microUSB port in the middle of a number of holes that support the microphone in the left side speaker sound in the right side, it also has a phone Neffos X9 entrance thickness of 3.5 mm in the upper side of the phone.

While the phone Neffos X9 microphone another in the upper part of the background, with the camera double come down under the glass glossy with a premium design, it also comes fingerprint sensor to the bottom of the settings of the camera, comes the manufacturer’s logo Neffos also to the bottom of the sensor footprint, the design of the back side of the phone to a range of technical information.

Supports the design of the phone with a weight of 168 grams and a thickness of 7.8 mm user experience comfortable to grip the phone in the palm of the hand smoothly, except that the large size of the screen of 5.99 inches may require some users to use the other hand to the phone well.

Features phone Neffos X9 design, rounded in all the corners of the phone, also don’t come to the phone design and the easy glide of the palm of the hand, as the selected sites, buttons, tools and phone well to manage the phone well and smooth.

Neffos X9 display

Phone screen TP-Link Neffos X9

Featuring phone Neffos X9 IPS screen size of 5.99-inch quality HD display plus accurately 1440 resolution at 720 pixels and also the phone comes with dimensions 18:9, with the density of the display 269 pixels per inch in the screen.

And the screen viewing experience is good with natural colors, also the phone comes brightness reasonable in the screen in general, however, the phone does not come brightness good for use with sun light directly.

On the other hand offers phone special offer from the corners of the phone, but with the curvature of the phone corners sharp noise appears in the colors of the phone with the image of a very faint, but it’s the angle of the display not used by a lot of users often when using the phone.

Also can’t note the resolution of the display low for the company only with the reading of texts of small size on the screen, or when the screen is viewed up close, however, they display quality is acceptable with the pricing of the phone, so the specifications the screen is excellent overall.

Also comes phone Neffos X9 with automatic brightness in the screen, which is characterized by the performance of slow you will need him in the end to adjust brightness manually to get the level of brightness is best suited.

Phone Neffos X9 supports user actually night in the Settings screen, but it does offer a lot of features to the user, where it lacks the feature to adjust the white color or control the color balance in the display on the screen.

The performance of the phone TP-Link Neffos X9

Phone supports TP-Link Neffos X9 chip processor Mediatek MT6750 eight cores Cortex-A53, which are characterized by Strictly manufacturing 28 Nm, where the B 4 of nucleoli frequency of 1.5 GHz, while supporting other nuclei frequency of 1.0 GHz, the phone features a Realtek screen Mali-T860 MP2.

These have provided the specifications for the phone’s performance low on tests of performance conducted on the phone, also the phone comes memory random 3 GB RAM and storage capacity of 32 GB expected already user capacity 25.37 GB, as the phone supports external storage via microSD up to 128 GB.

These specifications to support the user well in traditional professions, or small games, also user may experience some difficulties when updating or installing applications on the user interface of Google Play, but the performance overall of the phone is acceptable with the Android operating system 8.1.

Can also run games that need the best performance from the phone, but with a choice of minimum frames per second, but with the tasks that need greater effort in your phone will save user’s height in the heat of the phone, but it specification is available in the end with the level of pricing of the phone.

Cell phone, TP-Link Neffos X9

Features phone Neffos X9 settings double camera car rear sensor with 13 megapixel and lens f/2.0, the phone also features System Focus on the scene PDAF, also comes sensor the second 5-megapixel with support for style bokeh effects.

And camera photo of a good standard with lighting, except that the Auto Focus feature is not characterized by doing the fast in the phone, also come the sound quality with the style of photography HDR is acceptable for a low-cost, where called pattern shoot HDR in the phone higher brightness bright photos, but the process of image processing takes longer time.

Also no different style of photography bokeh effects in camera that comes well often, but may decrease the efficiency of this style is sometimes in the scene back on the subject of photography, also can be controlled in blurry images during shooting or after the completion of the photo shoot.

Supports phone Neffos X9 video recording 1080p, but the phone does not support install automatic scene, also the phone supports video recording with a time interval Full HD, or in slow motion at 480 frames per second, but it doesn’t come with the level perfect in the end.

From another side comes the camera front accurately 8 mega pixel camera with aperture f/2.2, but it does not offer a lot of features, while ensuring the application of the camera. a set of tools that include some filters with some of the styles that support control the pressure manually.

Protection and open the lock in the telephone TP-Link Neffos X9

The user can open the phone Neffos X9 by a fingerprint sensor at the rear, or by wiping the face, where the phone supports the performance of fast in a survey of user insight efficiently with less errors, but the other way wipe the face don’t come with the same efficiency and quick when you use in low light.

Also the user may experience some problems in face recognition with a camera phone, so may be forced in the end to delete the data and registration of new.

The capacity of the battery in the phone TP-Link Neffos X9

Comes phone Neffos X9 battery fixed non-removable characteristic capacity 3060 mAh, a capacity less than expected for a phone the size of 5.99 inch, so will not support the battery user for more than one day with the use in traditional occupations but with the use of the activity of the phone might not use the battery for more than 5 to 5 and a half hours.

Also supports battery charging from 10% to 100% in an hour and 21 minutes with fast charging technology, but it specifications available for low cost.

The acoustics in the phone TP-Link Neffos X9

Comes phone Neffos X9 perform reasonably in the sky, with a high level of health features perform well, but with the frequency range of my medium, it also comes audio. main phone with an average level in phonics but with the quality and purity of the acoustics, but that bandwidth also does not support a large scale with low level of Education.

How come the external speakers also sound level of operations is high, also produces audio quality standards and good, but it lacks the feature equalizer built-in or sound effects.

Software and operating system in the phone TP-Link Neffos X9

Phone working Neffos X9 Android 8.1 with user interface NFUI 8.0. the shell, where the shell interface to change the design of the interface with a range of themes is diverse, also supports the fact of using more of the code to adapt to multiple accounts.

Also supports the interface of the screen waving and scrolling even with the stop of the screen, with the possibility to click twice to activate the screen, or draw a pattern specific to unlock the screen, launch applications, and also can capture the image of the company through the prolonged pressure on the screen with three fingers.

Also the user can do the traditional occupations of the scroll and on the phone by the usual buttons in the screen, and you can also return to the Home screen by scrolling the bottom of the screen to the top, and the company’s previous can swipe from the left side to the right side, also to return to active applications can scroll from the bottom.

The phone also comes with support the user to avoid scrolling and gestures the wrong in full-screen mode, a feature which supports the user well in games or when watching video content.


Phone TP-Link Neffos X9 offers a good experience for mobile phone of middle class, with a guarantee for a period of up to two years, and also accessories good in the content box of the phone, as the phone comes with a stylish design was used in which the materials support the design of a good standard to support the user. Also offer phone screen display is acceptable even with the display quality to low, also the phone supports fast charging technology, with a range of good software in the phone.



  • Sleek design with good build in the phone
  • Accessories good in the content of the phone box.
  • A good show in the screen even with the resolution of the display low
  • Supports fast charging technology
  • A good range of software


  • Performance is weak in the phone in general
  • Camera does offer a lot of nurses
  • Phone average traditional is no different from a lot of versions of competition in the markets.

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