Review for wireless gaming Sennheiser GSP 670

The company launched the Sennheiser’s first wireless headset for special games this year, which is the headset Sennheiser GSP 670. I have described the company of heaven as “Gaming for audiophiles” to replace GSP 600 as the highest and finest of the group GSP.

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Here’s a review for wireless gaming Sennheiser GSP 670:


Come fish with a weight of 398 grams it uses the design concept as soon as the group GSP this is an excellent thing considering that this particular version still retains the quality of manufacture is very high and also comfortable to the extreme and that’s because they use the Memory Foam which is useful and very especially if you are a fan of games, as you will need to use headphones for a number of hours long.

Come to the fish wheel from the right and allocated to the volume, the wheel of the other of the left and dedicated to the issue of photo preference; whether you want to focus the speaker on the photo in general or on games. Moreover, there are a number of buttons is programmable, in addition to a microUSB port and a USB port to another company.

The sky is black and grey which makes her a headset very suitable for gaming, even from the standpoint of design, it is also used comfortable cushions and very light on the ear so you will not face any problems.

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Provide headset GSP 670 excellent sound quality whether with toys or with normal use, they are working to provide the sound of Bass is deep without compromising the mid-range and high frequencies, this would provide the experience of high precision to the fullest.

Compatible headset with the PC and PS4, it also features connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 to enable it to connect to smartphones and tablets. And when you connect Bluetooth, you can get battery life up to 20 hours.

Featuring GSP 670 existence of the microphone high-quality which includes feature noise isolation developed developed by company Sennheiser within them to ensure quality standards. I have been installing a microphone at the end of the arm of the lifter’s flexible and can adjust it to fit the shape of your head, it also features the advantage of his heart is Mute, which means mute the microphone when you raise your arm up just.

Moreover, users can adjust the sound using Sennheiser Gaming Suite for Windows, a software tool that allows users to switch between audio settings presets or customize the audio levels, and include modes of surround sound used.

Can be connected to the sky through the wireless adapter, the headset with the USB adapter small compact GSA 70 with a special technology developed by the company to ensure connection low latency.


As for the battery, if you use the headset in Wired, will work up to 16 hours. And if you use it wirelessly via Bluetooth, it will give you up to 20 hours.


Expect headset Sennheiser GSP 670 price 1399 AED or US $ 350.


Think headset Sennheiser GSP 670 headset games wireless stately and comprehensive, they are suitable either for music or movies or games.



  • Very comfortable to the ear
  • The accuracy of the sound is excellent
  • Bass strong
  • Surround sound virtual 7.1 optional


  • Their price is high
  • Microphone not removable
  • Requests the system for programming the buttons

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