Review Galaxy M40 Galaxy or is 40 : is it worth the purchase

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Review Galaxy M40 Galaxy or is 40 : is it worth the purchase

Added Samsung new model to the series phones Galaxy or gets the name of the Galaxy M40 Galaxy or 40 which comes with infinity-O pierced for the front camera instead of relying on protrusion of the upper as in the past, the phone camera triple lens with the technical specifications characteristic makes him different from the phone M30 at some of the specifications which makes it Scientific buy is debatable, and during the article we review a detailed review of the Galaxy M40 Galaxy or 40 to the side of the advantages and disadvantages and is it worth the purchase.

Price and tension in the markets

The price of the Galaxy M40 Galaxy or 40 nearly 200 euros almost and became available in e-shops since June 18, and the light blue and the bold.

Design and

The design of the phone

The design of the Galaxy M40 Galaxy or 40 of the polycarbonate with the back color-graded, where the parties to the curve color is a little lighter than the blue color for the rest of the chassis rear, and box the Samsung logo in the middle with the reflection of the rainbow, and the edges are painted in blue and is made of aluminum, and in the backend we find three lenses the top right hand corner.

It is a front-end find a hole in the left corner of the screen for the front camera with the edges very high, which increases the proportion of the screen to the body, despite the fact that the phone screen size of 6.3-inch but the phone is still compressed in relative terms, the frontend and backend know-scratch severely with a glass facade, so is advised to use the Protect cover of the phone.

The phone screen

The phone has a screen size of 6.3 inches of LCD type accurately full HD+ despite not using AMOLED screens, the display performance characteristic and the brightness is good, the phone holds a certificate Widevine L1, which means that you can watch content in high-definition on phone of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The camera

The camera

Comes phone Galaxy M40 Galaxy or 40 cameras, three lens, the first Strictly 32 Test and lens f/1.7, and the second with 8 test the lens wide with a field of view size 123 degrees and the last with a precision of 5 test to adjust the depth, there is a front camera accurately 16 Test.


The performance of the phone

Works Galaxy M40 Galaxy or 40 processor Snapdragon 675 with the Random Access Memory 6 gigabytes of RAM, with memory internal storage size of 128 gigabytes, the phone performance is good at moderate use, but don’t expect outstanding performance when multitasking.

When playing games the performance was a good phone but not best-in-class price if you care about performance you should consider to phone POCO F1.

For ordinary users won’t disappoint the phone get your hopes up if your use revolves around the usual applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the phone comes equipped with Android operating system 9 interface with the Samsung 9.5 UI.


Samsung to equip her new smart phone Galaxy M40 Galaxy, or 40 with a battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh with a supporting Quick Charge feature.

It took about 90 minutes to charge the phone from zero to 100% of course when intensive use of the phone in playing games or watching videos for a long time, it may require the device to recharge it before the end of the day.

Is it worth buying?

Is it worth the purchase

There is no doubt that the Galaxy M40 Galaxy or 40 beats a phone M30 especially in the rear camera triple lens design pierced to the side of the bigger battery, better front camera, and the SPV up to you in the end.


  1. Good screen
  2. Camera wide-angle.
  3. Interface Samsung possible.

The clinic

  1. There is no headphone port.
  2. The front camera is not the best in class price.

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