Review headphone Campfire Audio Atlas — new, great sound

In Campfire Audio continue to systematically expand its product line in two directions. Along with a budget range Comethas been released and is the flagship of the dynamic Atlas, which is a development of the ideas gained considerable popularity model Vega.

On the one hand, the Atlas uses the emitter membrane from the non-crystalline diamond like Vega. On the other, the driver was slightly modified, and its aperture is increased to 10 mm, which in itself could not affect the sound, but in Campfire Audio went on and made for the radiator-designed housing with a cavity, designed to improve the sound. The icing on the cake was the new complete wire of pure silver Litz wire.

Of course, these cheap headphones could not become, the price tag on them is $ 1300, so a little diluted this model with Vega, the price tag on the old dynamic flagship was reduced to $ 1,100.


  • Emitter: dynamic, diaphragm of amorphous diamond-like carbon, 10 mm
  • Frequency range: 5 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 19Ω
  • Total harmonic distortion: <1%
  • Cable: removable, silver Litz wire with MMCX connectors
  • Plug: 3.5 mm TRS

Packing and delivery

Maybe someday Campfire Audio will decide to surprise everyone by changing the packaging of their headphones, but this clearly will not happen this time. All the same familiar box out of construction paper mustard color with blue sticker. Inside you expect to find headphones and complete the wire, but as expected not the only one in the box just put:

  • case black leather
  • 5 pairs of Final Audio attachments in different sizes
  • 3 pairs of foam tips, just different sizes
  • 3 pairs of silicone ear tips (all the same sizes in stock)
  • brand badge with company logo
  • tool scrapers

Design and comfortable wearing

As I wrote in the review., to produce simultaneously the most accessible and the most expensive models in cases of the same design — the idea is quite unusual but has the right to life. Campfire Audio showed once again that in the world headphones they have no equal in the field of materialbalance. The Atlas case is made of stainless steel, and made almost perfect: the complex form of transitions of the edges and chamfers, the unusual grid of the sound channel, the execution of the logo — this shows the skill level of the company.

If you throw a decorative piece, the headphones are made very easy to fit and, unlike Vega, I suppose, and behind-wearing and traditional version with the wire down. Latest for me is not quite right, Atlas is still made of steel and therefore a little heavier than other models, but the version with the cable passing behind the ear — very comfortable. Headphones are made with respect to erognomic, they have no sharp edges, so to most ears they will sit no problem, providing good comfort and sound a little above average.

Of course, wire a plug, use all the same brand MMCX connectors with beryllium coating that provides a secure fit and good durability. New cable the same laudable: silver litts turned out a little thinner than traditional wire Audio Campfire, but it is very soft and comfortable. As the example Comet can celebrate its positive influence on sound last. Incidentally, the review model I lamented that this wire is not sold separately, it is already fixed and a new cable from AloAudio. I’m not sure that it makes sense to buy Comet cable, the more expensive standing of headphones, but the option pleasing, especially as there is balanced cable option, which can be used with Atlas.


To listen following equipment was used.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP in the role of DAC and amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • Fidelia in the role of player
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, theBit OPUS#2, Astell&Kern, A&ultima SP1000 and the role of other portable players
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening headphones were heated for 96 hours, the change in sound was observed the first 50 hours.

What is the strong Campfire Audio, is making a different “sound”. They have models with very similar flow, so the repeat Atlas sound reinforcing its flagship in the face of Andromeda, they did not. Novelty, of course, continues the idea of Vega, but with a number of improvements. First, Atlases SCH less than discharged by the wayside, and, second, the increased emitter provides even more impressive and massive sound.

Headphones quite responsive to replace nozzles, I have tried a lot of options and decided on new complete silicone from Final, in my opinion they are the most emphasize the strengths of the model.

The first thing that attracts attention in this model is NCH. They have an incredible massive and in combination with good depth (even a little better than the Vega) give the maximum wow-effect. Of course, the bass here is not reinforcing-speed, attenuation, typical for high-quality dynamic driver, so the “bottom” sound realistic and natural. Bass then often resembles the flow of a full speaker system with some correction for the scale. In General, the word “great” is what comes to mind when listening to these headphones is that you fall in love immediately, forcing again and again to come back to them. Of course bass is well controlled, they almost do not leave your seat and don’t muffle the rest of the range, they have good resolution and perfectly convey the texture.

Midrange is a little laid by the wayside, though I think there probably should talk about the emphasis on “bottom” and “top”. The frequency response is slightly V-shaped, but the MIDs less are assigned to the second plan than the Vega that benefited their readability and naturalness. Middle, expect no reinforcement of speed, but lack of resolution and detail here, of course not. Headphones are normally due to poor records, but the challenges, of course show, albeit without much emphasis. Atlas is good in constructing imaginary scenes, but unlike his predecessor, not to artificially inflate the depth. So the scene here is considerably more than the average in both directions, but without the “extra additives.”

The second strong point of the model, which in my opinion shows the ability Campfire Audio to work with audio, it’s RF. They’re very, very good even in comparison with megadrivers reinforcement models. Treble is accentuated, but not cross the line of rules, of course, if you do not suffer from hypersensitivity to this part of the range. Top here nice and stratification, and extent that the new product has improved, I’m not talking about the more “baser” things like permits and mining attacks/attenuation. “Top” here it is perfectly offset the “lower classes”, they are light, airy with a beautiful transfer of overtones.

In the video I promised in the text review I will paint at least a few comparisons, but, after sitting and poravnava Atlas with other headphones, I realized that this makes little sense. The dynamic flagship of the Campfire still not like anything else except, perhaps, its predecessor, the Vega, and the difference I have described above. To write to the other comparisons in the style of “not like” — especially no avail.


Well, perhaps we can say that headphones are not designed to work with “simple sources” in the face of smartphones and tablets. Only good and neutral players with good control over all frequencies will allow the flagship to fully reveal itself, and not to fall in the direction of excessive coloring.

Stylistic suitability of the headphones determine subjective preferences of the wearer, as the headphones have a fairly pronounced “taste” component in the sound. Subjectively, they better show themselves classics, electronic music, epic metal genres and other styles where appropriate “big” sound with powerful bass. The recording quality of the model moderately critical where on 7 points out of 10.

Traditional tracks as example

Genesis — I Can’t Dance of Course, what Genesis has slipped towards the end of his work hard to describe in censorship, but we have to admit that their version of pop music is well recorded. That “I can’t dance” is a perfect track to showcase the incredible bass Atlas: weight, firmness, realism combined with good build imaginary scenes and quality requirements for RF give very effective results.

Gojira — The haviest matter of the universe in General, for metal, especially high-speed and brutal, in 99 cases out of 100 I would choose more neutral and smooth flow. But in this case I was simply stunned by the shock wave, enjoyed the dynamic flagship of the “Camps”, and how effectively they are accompanied by a transfer of plates. On their background even a little lost the rest of the melody, but in this case it becomes a simple matter against the wall “great sound”, and unleashes these headphones.

Thelonious Monk Trio — Bye-Ya was tempting to throw in a selection of some other spectacular bands, the same type of Sabaton, really really epic, though not quite neutral, it sounds like music performed by Atlas. But I restrained myself and found the track, in another way, revealing the dignity of the heroes of this review. Quick, intense percussion, jazz allows you to fully evaluate the RF, but the rest of the band clearly passed “level”.


The Campfire Audio developers continue to strengthen its position, developing the ideas of the leaders to a new level. Atlas is not only a modified sound of the Vega, but a new, more convenient and technologically advanced case, which, I think, we will see in the future. “Sweet couple” Atlas and Andromeda continues to be one of the best deals in terms of price and quality for connoisseurs of taste and neutral feeder respectively.

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