Review headphones ear Bose Sleepbuds: when problems in the bedroom?

Company provided Bose new solution for people who suffer from sleep disorders because of the ambient sounds, and this is provided through headphones, Bose Sleepbuds which has been specifically designed to work during sleep, which include a range of soothing sounds pre-loaded, which works to change any unwanted noise may occur during the sleep period.

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Here’s a quick review headphones ear for Bose Sleepbuds:

Inside the box

Containing cans of fish on some of the basics including the sky itself, and the clipboard with her, with three different sizes of ear cushions StayHear+, and a charger to the wall with the USB cable, that’s in addition to bag to and.


Come headphones Sleepbuds design, light and comfortable to the ear, and most importantly is that the design itself is excellent as is considered the best design Bluetooth headphone wireless Bose until now.

Come clear dimensions 24 x 27 x 14 mm and weight of 2 grams each earpiece, while the portfolio with the dimensions 27 x 77 x 77 mm and weight of 111 grams.

Come all to hear the interests of the LED, as well as with the clipboard itself. The pillows custom speakers a very big role in order to become steady and comfortable on the ear without causing any pain final during the sleep, as they contribute significantly to insulation, that is the whole point of these headphones.

But keep in mind that you should experience all the sizes of pillows in groups to find the appropriate pillows to the size of your ears, the headphones include three different sizes of ear cushions designed to conform to the upper part of the ear for added comfort.


Come fish the application of Bose Sleep App which can control in the settings of the sky and adjusted in line with you, where you can control the sound level and the duration of use, it can also use the app to determine the dates of the alerts which a user can alone hear it.

Used to fish the technique of Ultra Low Radiation, which is the least in the world of Bluetooth, so if you want to download audio files for example, it may take a long time, i.e., in the range of hours such as.

It is worth mentioning that he can not use voice broadcast services such as Spotify or SoundCloud or Podcast with these headphones, as they can not be used for calls also, it only supports file upload via the app with only, can be used as just one also.

Don’t offer the fish any property to isolate the noise, then only through the app bringing can activate the Passive Noise which allow you to listen to those around you, and the Noise Mask, which block snoring, for example, or any kind of promotions that may cause you a problem during sleep. In this way, the advantage of the Noise Mask with the design of the fish itself, would work just like the feature of noise isolation.

Work portfolio accompanied with the sky also as the special includes a magnetic buckle to keep the headphones in place.


Each headset of the heavens about 16 hours of work, while the clipboard only one truck. The process of charging from zero percent to one hundred percent lasts 8 hours, while using the process of charging the clipboard 3 hours to be fully recharged.


Come hear a Sleepbuds at a price of $ 250.


Enjoy headphones Sleepbuds for design, is extremely comfortable, which helps very significantly to relax and sleep, and is available with application to in heaven, through him, to enjoy a quiet night during sleep. Sky may be expensive a bit, but well worth it!



  • Very convenient
  • Excellent design
  • Noise isolation
  • A good battery


  • Price expensive a bit

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