Review headphones-ear wireless Huawei FreeLace

Huawei presented to hear their new wireless FreeLace in the month of April last, and, apparently, the sky is very special compared to the price its wonderful; the 99 USD. But they are available in the Saudi market at a lower price; the 249 SAR.

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You review headphones ear wireless Huawei FreeLace:


Come fish the weight is extremely light which is 120 grams and the most important what distinguishes it is that the manufacturing quality is very high, since the wires are flexible and do not cling to you at all.

There is also a magnet around the right my left and from the sky two, you can interlock them together to stop the proposal, or change the world, to be automatic pairing again with ease.

Speaker provides three buttons to control the audio files through them, these buttons extremely high-quality, they are made of metal and to press it would control the volume and turn off or run the content, assessment and delay. Moreover, there is a microphone which offers you a technique to isolate the noise.

As for the constancy of the sky on the ear, we recommend that you experience all of the articles exported silicon to see which size fits you exactly, you won’t encounter any problems with the question of the constancy of the sky if you use the right size for the cushions.

Support the fish living IPX5 for water resistance, but does not provide a technique to isolate the noise.

Expect the sky in black, orange, green, and silver.

The sound and performance

Think the sound quality headset pretty fantastic compared to the price tag, they are considered very suitable for people interested in the issue of the pump Bass or the issue of human voices.

It is worth mentioning that this headset compatible support audio file type AAC and also the SBC but it does not support the APTX.

Supports headset connection Bluetooth version 5.0, and will not find any problems in the matter of the proposal, but it is worth mentioning that when coupling the speaker with any phone out of Huawei with one EMUI 9.1, then the proposal is fairly fast. But, when coupled with a phone of Huawei with one EMUI 9.1, there is a partial of the same thickness will help to run by connecting it to the USB port-C.

It is also important to know that there is no app on iOS or Android to move in the sky across through a mobile phone, so you’ll control it through the settings both on phone from Huawei or any Android phone, but definitely going to be the options are very limited.

The Bluetooth with the speaker in an effective and consistent when you run it from a distance of 15 meters between her and the phone, so there’s no feedback with the Bluetooth in this thing. But it is worth mentioning that there is no advantage to coupling the sky more than a device at one time.


Come battery this sky with a capacity of 120 mAh and provides about 12 hours with the use to the sound of 75 dB. And the sky of the fast charging technology.


Expect to hear a FreeLance of Huawei in the Saudi market at the price of 249 reais.


Think headset FreeLance wireless Huawei headset distinctive and very comfortable to wear, they offer high sound quality and at a very reasonable price.



  • Standard IPX5 for water resistance
  • Stylish design with quality manufacturing, high
  • Supports fast charging and charging integrated USB-C
  • Their price is reasonable
  • Comes with a magnet


  • Lacks support APTX
  • Lacking to support the proposal more than a device
  • Lacking the technique to isolate the noise
  • Battery life a little
  • There is no application for it

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