Review headphones-ear wireless Sony WF-1000XM3:Queen of the insulation!

Made Sony headset WF-1000XM3 wireless best performance in a feature noise isolation compared to the versions of competition in the markets of the same category, as this release comes perform the best in acoustics compared to the first of the heavens, and relates to the markets at a price of $ 229.

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Come hear a WF-1000XM3 the same chip and microphones provided by Sony in the headset wh-1000xm3, so features headset WF-1000XM3 with excellent with small size design characteristic.

Also added Sony some changes in the design of micro USB for charging to USB port C, also comes the new version of the sky with a portfolio of design characteristic to the highest quality with LED light to show the charging process, as this release comes in a smaller size also from the first version of headphones wireless.

Sony offers the headset WF-1000XM3 lightweight, also with LED lighting on each speaker to confirm the pairing the headset, featuring a fish of the highest quality manufacture.

The portfolio of Sky includes now magnetic bases to install the speaker, are available to the clipboard in black and white is possible with a lid and brass, also supports speaker Bluetooth, 5 which ensures a constant contact and conjugations fast in the heavens.

Headset WF-1000XM3 make of Sony with the technology of special works to transfer sound to every point of the sky independently, also supports the clear shift in the level of noise insulation in accordance with the user’s favorite, and you can also cancel the feature insulation full, or select a feature prediction automatic and reduce the isolation feature.

Also offering Sony application featured with earphone WF-1000XM3 supports the user in control in the sky and perform the best, as reveals the battery level, supports the transition in the audio files.

Headset WF-1000XM3 come perform excellent in acoustics with higher level, along with the audio is very clear, with the subwoofer’s sound is also excellent, which is supported by the insulation technique that ensures the best performance in acoustics.

So is the headset WF-1000XM3 upgrade the use of acquisition in a wireless headset, with quality manufacturing and design, the highest quality in acoustics, the best performance in the technique of noise isolation with the price of 229 dollars.

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