Review: headphones Hooke Audio help the makers of video content on the audio recording of three-dimensional

مراجعة: سماعات Hooke Audio تساعد صانعي محتوى الفيديو على تسجيل صوت ثلاثي الأبعادheadphones Hooke Audio

What is the three-dimensional sound or 3D Audio?

No surround sound technology, three-dimensional new technology, it is one of the familiar Technologies recently used by the movies constantly. These technical problems my movies to get the feeling is extremely realistic in relation to the environment voice didn’t watch the events through the movie screen. Think Technical on the distribution of the picture adjust the level and depth to add a sense of the listener that the sound coming from a certain direction around him or behind him. Can’t imagine the experience of film to the modern day without that technique, and even for watching movies via their computers or their devices recreational and portable, this feeling of realism is very where the issuance of different sounds has become an important part of the experience of Digital Entertainment Modern in the presence of the headphones high quality.

What are the headphones Hooke Verse is? And what you bring to it?

Are those headphones is the first product of the company, Hooke Audio, and come in image wireless headphones inside the ear, In-ear, it works via Bluetooth and allows producers to hobbyists or makers of digital content and professional alike the possibility to record audio clips to the perimeter of the three-dimensional cost is very low compared to the regulatory reserve charge used by the record companies film for the same purpose.

According to my knowledge, this is the only product currently available in the market that allows recording and surround sound, three-dimensional on all devices personal electronic and portable. Compatible with mobile phones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth, where the company has developed special technology that allows to record high quality sound via Bluetooth, also available with digital cameras and GoPro through cable for connection to a direct offer by the company with the product.

مراجعة: سماعات Hooke Audio تساعد صانعي محتوى الفيديو على تسجيل صوت ثلاثي الأبعادReview: headphones Hooke Audio help the makers of video content on the audio recording of three-dimensional

Assessment of experiment: Hooke Verse as a wireless and as an organ recording three-dimensional

Priced headphones currently $ 160 USD, and for the to easily record surround sound three-dimensional by using headsets, compatibility with phones via Bluetooth and digital cameras via a cable direct plug, they are a tool with the value of the ideal makers of video content and phonics.

As head Wireless, no longer the sound of those headphones is the purest or highest quality compared to the category of wireless headsets in the price range of 150-200 USD, but it’s also not bad in any way, especially in the presence of the insulation active noise, Active Noise Cancellation.

Battery lasts for 8 hours of listening, put the headphones inside the ear comfortable to a certain extent, but raw external speaker is not among the best in its class. In general, the fit of the tool makers, the content adds to a great advantage if they provide the Surround Sound three-dimensional in their videos. If you are just looking for a wireless headset high-quality, there are other better options in this price range without a doubt.

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