Review headphones wireless ear Master & Dynamic MW07 Go

The company launched the Master & Dynamic headphones ear wireless MW07 in 2018, after receiving the handset a big success and the admiration of many, the company launched a version of Plus from the sky, which enjoy several features including noise isolation and long battery life.

Now, the company offers a completely new version of this headset, which is a version of MW07 Go the least price and most durable.

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You review headphones ear wireless MW07 Go:

Inside the box

You’ll find inside the box all the basic things that you need including headset and clipboard, brochures, and a hyphen USB-C and a set of ear cushions in several articles with the forms of the wings of the cushions which are very suitable for athletes.


Come to Sky wireless within the portfolio of elegant and covered in fabric, which is lightweight so that it can be easily carried anywhere.

Tell for all to hear is about 21 × 18 × 25 mm, while the weight of each earphone is 7.4 grams. We have been manufacturing earphones from the TR90, it is equipped with the IPX6 for water resistance.

Containing headphones MW07 Go on the grip in the ear which keeps each earphone is securely in place, thanks to its combination of quality, they are flexible and soft too, but she’s still also trying to strain to hear the ear even during exercise.

Containing the heavens on the buttons to help control the volume or choose the files or reply to calls or to activate personal assistant etc.

As for the clipboard, they are equipped with a USB port-C Company, LED lamps three on the front to indicate charging levels.

The sound and performance

Featuring a wireless speaker voice is epic and gaudy, the frequencies issued from the heavens look natural and realistic to beyond the border with an emphasis on the Bass significantly. It also enjoys with noise isolation.

Come the sky is equipped with beryllium 10 mm fiddle it supports a number of audio files, such as the Sbc and AptX, which means you will get great sound and dynamic whether you’re using it during exercise or while on the move or when relaxing at home.

Support headset Bluetooth 5.0 and 30 metres, and is excellent coverage very.

It is worth mentioning that there is no application with the headphones, and there is also support for the proposal more than others, as there’s no support to run and stop automatic as well. However, there is support for the use of One headset but keep in mind that this applies with Sky and just the right.

As for Call Quality, they are very good but not the best.


Of the most important characteristic of the headset MW07 Go is it fitted with a powerful battery that can work up to 22 hours on maintenance (at the rate of 10 hours for the sky the two and 12 hours for maintenance). Moreover, support fast charging feature to give you 5 hours in 15 minute charging.


The price of the headphones Master & Dynamic MW07 Go is $ 200 USD.



Featuring MW07 Go of being headphones wireless at a reasonable price, and in return provide you accurate great sound and long battery life, which is considered very suitable for Class users athletes.



  • The voice fairy
  • There is no application
  • Strong battery
  • Water resistant
  • Their price is reasonable


  • Don’t let the OS start-stop automatic
  • She can’t borrow more than the hand
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