Review headset Sony wireless WF-SP700N


Fish come in nature athletic size medium relatively show an example of the ear, one they are made of plastic, high quality and come in four colors black, white, yellow, pink, also come right-one for each earphone for operation, comes the portfolio of the company are made of plastic the same color as the sky. Featuring a light weight reaches 60 grams to keep the receiver inside .

The contents of the carton:

-The sky.


-Charger micro USB

-3 pairs of coverings of the sky and a couple wings in different sizes.


Featuring headphones Sony Sports several features such as the status of acoustic insulation that prevents the entry of votes of Foreign Affairs launched a wave of reverse to prevent the arrival of the finger external to the listener as to the insulation in the speaker without placing the insulation depends especially good and the speaker inside the ear and not on ear, also one of the nurses put the sounds of the surrounding that allow the entry of noise during the listening sections or even during the development of the wait, featuring a speaker with a voice pure and my thanks to the status of Extra Bass and can control the pattern of the images is applied using a Headphone from Sony.

Technical specifications of

Come Bluetooth 4.1 contact and NFC for maintenance only and comes with a battery sufficient for up to 3 hours of work, 8 hours waiting at the activation status of the acoustic insulation and 35 hours when the cancellation mode, the acoustic insulation can also be for the province to charge the phone charge the full twice, as that the poison-resistant and water spray standard IPX4.


The sky with great sound pure and excellent insulation, firming it inside the ear, suitable for athletes, especially when using the wings within the ear as to the quality of the manufactured high and distinctive design

Come fish at a price 699 SAR are available in Saudi markets

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