Review: Healbe GoBe2 bracelet sport smart to prevent looking for the next level!

مراجعة: Healbe GoBe2 سوار رياضي ذكي لمن يبحثون عن المستوى التالي!Healbe GoBe2

Several years ago, the market saw technical the actual beginning of what is now called with the-A wearable computing devices, Wearables, marked by the first look of the sports cars smart trackers sports activity. Since then, the written technical market removable wear enormous strides forward, so we have seen smart watches, smart clothing smart glasses, etc., but the market bracelet Sports smart in the fact it didn’t have the sense of development itself.

Provide the vast majority of sports cars smart, smart watches and other properties of the same in terms of the possibility of follow-up the calories that are burned, steps and distance traveled per day and maybe also up the stairs, swimming, and recently provided some further information on the sleep periods and the extent of its depth, but the product that we choose today, Healbe GoBe2, maybe it is the only one that exceeds it too much to give unprecedented information regarding the physical health of the wearer.

Healbe GoBe2

The definition of the product and design:

GoBe2 is a bracelet athlete intelligent, not the hour hand as it might seem at first glance where the product offers the properties of time. Didn’t suit the exterior design of the product impressed me due to the relatively large, and the lack of display, though the large size. Although the rough sports of rubber and plastic high-quality, only to the front so the bracelet Sports which face the user is a striking design and Valve too without touching the design attractive.

Contains those the front the LED lights hidden, but only used to show some messages and alerts such as battery level and operating status and communicate with the phone and therefore can not be considered a digital screen the fact.

Come GoBe2 accompanied by a charger magnetic connection bracelet magnetically to ship it up to a little over an hour running the smart bracelet in return for a couple of days connected before it needs a recharge.

Much more than waiting for a bracelet athlete intelligent:

Away from the exterior design to the bracelet sports, what you get from the posts here would go far beyond all what you expect. Lies innovation basic the most coveted in the GoBe2 in being able to calculate the calories that you piece every day in your meals and food your daily completely automatically and without you to tell any data about what is served from the food.

Think GoBe2 on innovative technology specially developed for this purpose and tested by the University of California, relies on a smart sensor that wholesale contact with the body of the bracelet measure some of the properties of blood and can see what you say peace of calories, as well as the detail of that to protein, carb, fat.

This smart bracelet to provide more vital information, which includes measuring the amount of fluid around and provide tips to the user through the phone app about the need to consume more water. Can you assess the psychological state of the user in terms of the extent of the tension and Wake about it.

Add to those characteristics the properties of leadership and group sports activity the usual, such as the die, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and detailed information on sleep mode and efficiency is what gets the user from hours of sleep.

Can get that information complete and follow up through the application of the GoBe available through the web, as well as phones iOS and Android, with the face with a bouquet of Apple and Android Health compact to improve its information on the young athlete and calories.

Healbe GoBe2


In my personal experience, comparing the. What this says bracelet sports scoring of the clock data the Apple Watch smart, you’ll get accurate data about its activities. But more important in my estimation is what you can’t get entertained with any other similar products currently, particularly in relation to the calories consumed in served food throughout the day is a feature most innovative and focused in this area already. Available GoBe2 at a price of 169 USD, for those who are looking for a smart way to follow up their calories, I don’t think that there is another product currently offers it in a more intuitive manner as well as that price seems to fit the product information. Keep the design modest beauty in my personal assessment is the greatest defect of this product.

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