Review Huawei dead 20 Pro Huawei Mate 20 Pro : specifications and price

Achieved series phones Mate 10 during the past year a huge success and of course it depends on the company Huawei at the launch of a new series of phones dead to be with the specification of the class, and already the company has successfully launched series phones dead 20 new where the company launched four smartphones, and new to the side a smart watch, and phones name Huawei dead 20, Huawei dead 20 Pro Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 RS and Mate 20 X.

As is the habit of Huawei has launched the company’s phones to the new world during a huge event held in the heart of London, features Huawei phone dead 20 Pro Huawei Mate 20 Pro with powerful features along with sleek design, the phone comes a large screen, a powerful processor, artificial intelligence techniques, and during the article, we a comprehensive review of the design and specifications of the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro Plus price and release date in market the main features and disadvantages of the phone.

Review Huawei dead 20 Pro Huawei Mate 20 Pro : specifications and price


مراجعة هاتف هواوي ميت 20 برو
Review Huawei dead 20 Pro

Keen company Huawei to combine elegance and innovation when designing the phones dead 20 Pro where phone came with a bottle curved with the curved frame, with a large screen size covering most of the front end with the fingerprint reader is integrated with the screen and rear find rear camera triple lens, and is characterized by the design of the phone being the anti-fingerprint thanks to the new technology used by Huawei to cool the back of the phone version, the phone comes in four amazing colors namely Black, emerald, blue, and transparency.

قارئ بصمات الهاتف
Fingerprint reader phone

Features Phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro design curved glass, three-dimensional, which offers the user the opportunity to get on the phone in the middle of the cruise is able to hold with one hand, and the phone is waterproof and dust to standard IP68, so you can use the phone in the rain or on the beach without worry.

The screen

الشاشة في هاتف Huawei Mate 20 Pro
The screen in the phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Works Huawei phone dead 20 Pro screen of the OLED than the user to get more realistic colors, come screen size of 6.39 inches and has a display resolution of 1440 in 3120 PX and density of pixels of 538 pixels per inch, and with a bump overhead to the network.


Works Huawei phone dead 20 Pro processor Kirin 980 which is the first processor powered by artificial intelligence design 7 nm in the world which provides the phone’s speed and efficiency more and with processor graphics advanced you’ll be able to get on the phone fast and able to focus on certain tasks with the aim of providing the features are endless and the experience to use the optimizer.

The phone memory random access Ram 6/8 gigabytes of address space to the side of the memory internal storage 128/256 gigabytes with support for external memory cards up to the size of 256 gigabytes.


بطارية الهاتف
Phone battery

Supports Huawei phone dead 20 Pro feature wireless charging for phones other than you can use in charging a battery the other phones thanks to its battery of massive, which has a capacity of 4200 mAh, with support for fast charging you can charge the phone by 70% in just 30 minutes.

The camera

كاميرا الهاتف
Camera phone

Phone works camera background of three of the lens accurately 40/20/8 test along with front camera with 24 megapixel, cameras of the development of the company, Leica cameras, all backed by the purification of artificial intelligence capable of adjusting the camera settings automatically to get the best picture possible, and with the support of artificial intelligence will be able from the filming of the video clips like the movies.

It is through the camera you will be able to take a picture for your games and convert them to poster three-dimensional you can use it and make it talk or dance with possibility to share it with your friends.

تجربة كاميرا الهاتف
Camera experience phone

You can also phone of convert your photo to sticker emoji three-dimensional able to express your feelings simply in addition to facial recognition technology which enables you to unlock your phone screen easily for their high accuracy.

Operating system

Works Huawei phone dead 20 Pro running Android Bay with the latest operation interface of Huawei which bring with them many of the interactive features such as the ability to convert your phone to a computer by connecting it with a screen and a keyboard.

The price and launch date

Huawei phone is dead 20 Pro available for pre-order but will be put on the market in the beginning of November at a starting price of 1140 USD.

The bottom line

منتجات شركة هواوي
Products Huawei company

Managed company Huawei in the development of the smart phone combines all the features of other phones including a big screen and a sleek design, Face Recognition feature, the possibility to charge phones wirelessly, resistant to water and dust, turning the phone into a remote, remote, convert your phone to a computer besides the camera capabilities, competitive fingerprint reader with built-in screen which works very well but there is no phone without flaws; the phone lacks a separate clear of the traditional coupled to the power switch and the key level of pictures close to each other but in the end is not the defects affect the phone effectively, And the SPV up to you in the end.

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