Review Huawei P20 Pro

After the experience of prolonged with Huawei P20 Pro, I can give you a summary of the highlighted features of the phone and disadvantages and my personal opinion on the phone.


Design first and foremost a matter of taste and personal for me at first, I liked the design significantly, especially on the lips the color of healing on the phone but after a while seemed to show design flaws, and the phone is made entirely of glass and this means that love fingerprints and scratches , also within the clinic where the camera is and with that it was possible the presence of the cameras, three in the middle, especially and Huawei announced the phone dead RS Porsche Design with the cameras, three in the middle .As for the things of the night like me to design that is different than phones of the previous series, fun and first sight you know that the phone is P20 Pro

Case technology the phone comes with a processor Kirin 970 memory internal 128 GB memory random 6 Gb cards 4000 mAh enough for a couple of days work using the medium which is one of the leading advantages of the phone especially since it’s the best among competitors. Was the phone offers excellent performance and fast and I’m having problems with it

Among the nurses on the phone is excellent sound for stereo speakers with Dolby also improved the Huawei sound during calls using artificial intelligence to prevent confusion and clarify the caller’s voice .

Of the most important features of the Huawei P20 Pro is the camera phone carries three cameras from the back of the first 40 – megapixel and the second 20-megapixel black-and-white and second 8-megapixel dedicated training . Camera features many of the most important of which is rounding up to 5 times, 3 times optical zoom and 5 times zoom compact between optical and digital, using Artificial Intelligence, the images using the approximation b 5 times comes with great quality as watching the pictures:

Also among the highlights of the camera features are night photography, which shows the results of the impressive, far behind the competitors where the photos clearly show the high the spectacular lighting :

Photography Lily

Also within the nurses are the insulation and check the work before and after photography as well as a feature to control the light and in the personal photos after the shoot and the possibility of control in the colors of the background . Among the advantages are the possibility of filming a video very slow B 960 FreeBSD per second and accurately HD is suitable for lighting high and its quality is significantly low lighting .

As a camera can recognize objects such as animals, plants, characters and many other elements using artificial intelligence to improve the settings of the camera according to the scene to be photographed can disable this option as it deems appropriate.

As an example the following picture you see that the sky has had the blue color by using artificial intelligence and voice overs second you disable this option:

The phone comes running Android 8.1 times EMUI 8.1 there are many features to this fact, such as amendments to applications that enable repeat applications which do not support login with more than one account like Facebook also chat.

Also among the features is the possibility to change the keycaps move down to four options , such as the use of insight to reverse and go to the main menu or use the button to the default one development, or the possibility of using the holidays to the default appearance of buttons control return back and go to the main menu or use the button floating . Also among the nurses is a special area which allows the possibility of establishing two different fully set the fingerprint for each region and between them with ease using the footprint and pin for each region so that each region has different settings from the other and different files and calculate different fully like you used to phone two separate. The phone offers the possibility to open the lock using fingerprint, face is very excellent and fast even in low light during my use I don’t why I’m having problems with it can be set to unlock your phone directly or pull the lock after unlock the phone using fingerprint, face and can hide notifications or show them on the lock screen in my opinion they serve the purpose and can be dispensed fingerprint.


Disadvantages of phone in my opinion that the shape of the interface needs to be improved especially the icons and the general interface such as notices best to improve the interface to become like one raw.

Also during the conference was the review that the phone supports augmented reality technology AR but not yet activate this option. Also within the clinic that the phone does not support the audio port is 3.5 and does not support wireless charging, especially that of the background glass as the phone doesn’t supports external memory of which is the level where we were used from Huawei phones, it supports two slices or a slice and that foreign is abducted in this phone.

One of the advantages of the phone is its support for household appliances such as air conditioners and other household appliances using the technique of IR, a feature that we’re missing a lot of phones.

The succession of trade is that the phone is one of the best phones so far which is great for those looking for a phone with a battery excellent camera.

In the end the phone is one of the best phones currently available and the strongest competitors at a price 2899 SAR

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