Review laptop Acer Spin 3 version 2018

Offer Acer version 2018 of her laptop possible Acer Spin 3, as any laptop of the group Spin, You Can the screen of this case the rotor up to an angle of degrees to convert the device to the situations of many including the tablet mode and tent mode display media.

Come case a wide range of features, including powerful performance and long battery life, and most importantly is it’s heat to remain cool even with the pressure, as that Speaker’s high well.

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Here’s a review for laptop Acer Spin 3 version 2018:


Features Acer Spin 3 stylish design used is a 2-in-1 made of silver plastic with the contributions of solid and strong. But although the case comes from the category of 14 inches, unless it’s with regret comes with a thickness of 20 mm and a weight of 1.7 kg and frames traditional, which makes it a bit heavy and not suitable for a class of 14 inches.

From the left side, you’ll find the socket for the person with an HDMI port and two USB 3.0. It is the right side, you’ll get the power button, a Kensington lock slot, USB port 2.0, SD card reader, and a headset/microphone, plus LED indicators for charging status and battery life. But unfortunately, there is no port Thunderbolt.

The screen

Comes case with a screen type IPS size of 14 inches and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, and features a status screen as sharp but is not part of the hand viewing angles and colors. In fact, I don’t think the status screen appropriate to the work of the montage, so I don’t recommend you do this.

Up the proportion of the brightness screen need to 240 nits, this would make the lighting a bit weak, especially in daylight or under the rays of the sun compared to match the other. However, the technology multi-touch screen situation with ease and smoothly, so you won’t encounter any problems from this.

Keyboard keyboard and mouse

Will not face any problem with the keyboard of the hand writing, but its worth mentioning it is a kind of Trouble Key, so you may need to get accustomed to it with time. As for the area the mouse, they are destroyed between the right button and the left button together, as they also used the definitions of the Click Pad which is considered excellent response.

But it’s odd that you may notice with this keyboard, is it has no backlight.


Provides need great performance, very fast with daily tasks, browse the internet and edit photos via small programs and run videos and open more than 20 pages on the internet etc., so you will not encounter a problem at this point.

Works with a processor Intel Core i5-8250U is equipped with 4 or 8 GB of RAM DDR4 SDRAM with 128/256 GB of SSD memory or 1 terabyte of memory and HDD.

It also provides the Realtek screen Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU which is suitable to some extent with the small games only. Certainly, support laptop operating system Windows 10 Home.


A battery powered bus is very excellent, they provide 9 hours of continuous operation, and considers this duration is very good compared to the price of the device.


Starting price computer Acer Spin 3 (version 2018) 2100 SAR down to 2800 Saudi riyals.


Thought computer Acer Spin 3 (version 2018) very special, it’s a 2-in-1 offers high performance and great price too.



  • Strong battery
  • Great performance
  • Good price
  • Good temperature


  • Normal screen
  • The design of the plastic
  • Heavy the hand the weight and thickness

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