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Made Asus laptop ZenBook 14 the Saudi market at the price of 4999 SAR, where it came to features and specifications make it a perfect replacement for your MacBook Air.

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Is computer ZenBook 14 laptop from Asus Best Alternative for your Apple MacBook Air, but with windows, where provided Asus this version a stylish design with top quality manufacture, also comes need keyboard, excellent design with a set of specifications that we use in the next lines after the experience of the operation of the device.

Specifications of the ZenBook 14

  • IPS screen characteristic size of 14 inches, the quality of the display 1920 1080 pixel
  • The third generation of processors Intel Core i7-8565u
  • Storage capacity 512 GB in NV Me SSD, memory random 16 GB of RAM on LPDDR3
  • The design of the Ergo, which supports lifting the keyboard to experience the best in writing
  • Improvements in the cooling system
  • Camera for calls
  • Battery capacity 50Wh with a charger capacity of 65W.
  • HDMI ports with USB A category C, call calling Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, Bluetooth 5, with reader Micro SD

The design of the ZenBook 14

Comes computer ZenBook 14 stylish design lightweight 1.2 kg and thickness of 15.9 mm only which makes it a more appropriate choice for business management without any problems, also supports the Asus this version by separate screen GeForce MX.

Also featuring ZenBook 14 two fish in the bottom forward and it is certainly no longer the optimal location for the sky, as the device supports the update in the quest NV Me SSD storage only, but to contact the radio directly with the motherboard back Update memory random.

Features computer ZenBook 14 design metal luxury with the highest quality manufacturing and distinctive in blue with gold, also features a smart design that supports lifting the keyboard by a simple, when you open the lid of the case, which is of the specifications that are offered in many Asus laptops custom gaming or conventional devices also.

From another side comes the need to the specifications of the example in the zones of contact, where Asus in the box USB to a network port, it also has a device USB port 3.1 category A, with USB-C capacity of 10 GB, along with the HDMI connector, it also comes incident at the entrance to 3.5 mm headphones and also a microSD but it is not the best choice certainly in the external memory, also lacks this version for Thunderbolt 3.

It has surpassed Asus in design, excellent keyboard in your laptop ZenBook 14, where it supports keyboard design with high color when you open the lid excellent experience in writing on the case also comes backlit keyboard also supports very distinctive design write smoothly in low lighting.

Also come mouse in computer ZenBook 14 experience not less efficient from the keyboard, however, with the available space in the design of the case was expected to feature the mouse in a bigger size.

Screen ZenBook 14

The design of the screen of the ZenBook 14 possible size of 14 inch with quality display 1920 1080 pixels, which screen display with IPS technology come to model glossy or else supported in the screen, where the screen experience is excellent in visibility with the depth of the Black color and the characteristic colors correspond nicely with the width of the media performance is excellent.

It also skips the sRGB 90% ratio, which is excellent, while Adobe RGB by 60%, the specification is not perfect for sure, but it supports the user in editing photos and videos through the well screen.

The acoustics in the ZenBook 14

Features ZenBook 14 perform high in acoustics, except that the bass does not come perform strong in the case where it was envisaged that the pump performance of the best in acoustics.

The performance of the computer ZenBook 14

Can Computer ZenBook 14 that supports the user well in everyday tasks from browsing the internet and open more than 10 tabs in browser, or watching video content, it can also provide good support to the user in the tasks of editing and some gaming but that these tasks require lower settings for sure.

Also in the practical experience of the performance of the situation in the export video content to 1080p in the editing program took some time, so no performance is perfect in the montage.

On the other hand, ranged the temperature in the keyboard and bottom of the case between 30 to 45 degrees, has been submitted to the processor performance level in the practical experience to fit that with the planning case 85 ° C began to the CPU in rendering performance is not stable at this stage, also came Realtek the screen perform very well in general.

Battery ZenBook 14

Battery is one of the specifications dazzling in computer ZenBook 14, with use adjust the level of illumination at 60%, and communication networks WiFi and browse the internet, watch some of the video content to a computer can call your old charging up to 10 hours, with intense use of the computer and functions of the montage reached the age of shipping to 3 hours.


Made Asus version of the stylish and luxurious with the highest quality manufacturing in the ZenBook 14 with light weight supports rapid development, with performance a very good processor and the screen, customers dazzled at the battery, the display featured on the screen, along with a distinctive design, ideal for the keyboard, however, the situation does not come performance the best in audio, or home windows ideal where no features USB port C with the Thunderbolt, also have an external storage in microSD card the perfect choice for fit.



  • Metal design stylish and luxurious, light weight
  • Keyboard design excellent
  • Capacity battery excellent in user support
  • Screen offers good view
  • The performance characteristic of CPUوGPU to support the user in many tasks throughout the day


  • Don’t come the USB port C with Thunderbolt
  • No longer external storage in microSD card the perfect choice

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