Review mobile phone Honor 10 cheaper than the P20 Pro!!

This topic review mobile phone Honor 10 cheaper than the P20 Pro!! Appeared on Engadget.

Honor 10 is a phone is very interesting where this phone comes at a price 1699 SAR to copy a 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage capacity, which supports the morgue, and fast charging technology which allows the company Huawei on behalf of the super charger and that comes with a battery capacity of 3400 Milli-amp.

While the phone comes P20 Pro price 2899 SAR where there is a similarity in specifications between the two phones but the difference of price is big.
It is also worth mentioning that the battery lasted an hour and twenty minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 100%.


Comes phone Honor 10 the beautiful design of the appearance, which comes design is similar to what exists in the phone P20. Where comes the two phones with the same concept of extrusion of the runway to the network. But the design is a little different here in terms of color, gives your phone the Honor 10 degrees different color based on the angle that you see it out of the phone and that for the back of the phone.
And overlooking the blue with the violet, which gives you a degree of shades or different color as the Royal Blue, while expected is also the option of green color with violet under the name Phantom Green is also available including black color and grey color.

And despite owning a large screen phone, but it’s less than a phone screen P20 Pro, and with a thickness of less than phone P20 Pro also so will be the verification process the best and will be comfortable in the hand well.

And the phone comes to the design of the glass cell which uses 15 layers of glass to get a stunning effect when it passes through its light.

And the phone comes with a frame of aluminum with lines to the antenna which adds elegance to the shape and appearance of the phone, the phone also comes with a separate 3.5 mm headphone and USB Port-C at the bottom and the button for volume and power button on the right side and is working perfectly with no problems . In addition the phone comes with a camera of a prominent protein in the back and front camera with hear private calls

It is also worth mentioning that the design of your front facing camera, sensors and earpiece calls is a little different from what is found in the P20 Pro, and also note that the technique of fingerprint in the phone Honor the 10 below the energy of the glass in the bottom side of the phone and is working perfectly.
In addition the phone is equipped with face-unlock to increase the protection of mobile phone, and she works very quickly.

The screen

As we mentioned that the screen size is smaller than what is in the phone P20 Pro comes with 5.84 inches of type IPS LCD and system view 19:9, and that come in 1080p (+Full HD) and the density of pixels 432 pixels per inch
Also containing the screen on the design of the extrusion which can hide it from settings.
And generally have on hand viewing angles and pixel density and color depth of the black screen is considered acceptable and is not the same saturation of colors existing in the technology of Amoled, but you can rely on in watch content. But he would prefer to have the lighting level is a bit high for what is on the phone.
As for the sound, it’s unfortunately not the same concept are when you use your phone work for you will depend on to hear one and think of heaven with loud voice, but because they exist in the right-hand side will become easy to block them. But at least there’s a separate 3.5 mm headphones.

Performance and battery life

And the phone features a using the latest processors Huawei, which dubbed Hisilicon Kirin 970, which is a powerful processor like the one we saw inside the phone P20 when it was released earlier this year.

And you proved the processor power with everyday tasks and heavy where you won’t encounter a problem while using the phone with games and programs.

And the phone comes with a battery capacity of 3400 Milli-amp and on the basis of the results obtained during the testing of the phone you will get 5 and a half hours and that was during the intended use, but if it is where daily tasks for to hold you phone to the end of the day without any problems. But he would prefer that the phone has a battery capacity of 4000 Milli amp.

The camera

Comes phone Honor 10 with the rear camera Double. With sensor monochromatic accurately 24 mega pixel camera and the afterlife accurately 16 mega pixel camera sensor with a special color .

And when you take a picture on the rear camera in the automatic mode, take camera shot itself twice through the sensor, then combine the two images to give you photos with good details.

And the phone comes equipped with the processing through artificial intelligence to improve the shots taken with the Automatically. And that means that the camera software will use algorithms to impart a brightness to areas of the image, or change the focus, to give you the best result of trauma.

And the phone can identify 22 different scenes, including green spaces, pets, or, even hang the phone on what is being photographed and on the basis of which the treatment is carried out and is considered a good thing but you will get a sharp handling, so would prefer to cancel the technique of artificial intelligence if you want to get the pictures more natural.
The overall results of the photos in excellent lighting there are no problems and reliable, but in poor lighting there is no installed optical and therefore will affect the image quality

As for the front camera and that comes strictly 24 mega pixel camera you will get many details of the image, but the same concept the sound soft amounts from the company Huawei.

Operating system

Come Honor 10 with the latest version of the Android operating system and is Android 8.1 Oreo, with the interface Huawei Emotion UI 8.1.
This means that the reality will be quite different from what I saw on other phones it may take some time to learn but if you have used phones from Huawei before.
Seems interface Emotion UI 8.1 much better than it was on devices Honor a few years ago, where there is a lot of customization options, where you can change the background and themes for example.

The general evaluation of the

Phone Honor 10 similar mainly for P20 but with some features at least, as the phone comes with a camera less powerful design is a little different also, but the difference of price is big.

And vs 1699 SAR you will get a powerful processor can rely on while running all your apps and your favorites, plus it offers you the phone storage areas it is also available all the modern features to the operating system Android Oreo.


This topic review mobile phone Honor 10 cheaper than the P20 Pro!! Appeared on Engadget.

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