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The Huawei P30 one of the possible versions of which were submitted by Huawei this year with the highest version Huawei P30 Pro, where different phone Huawei P30 for Pro in some specifications, it comes with the highest quality manufacture with good specifications also price 2499 SAR.

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Provided Huawei phone Huawei P30 design characteristic of smaller size than the Pro version, it comes with a good experience for those who prefer design small size in smart phones is possible, with experience also comfortable in use throughout the day.

The content of the box Huawei P30

  • Unit phone P30
  • Back cover transparent protection
  • USB wire C
  • 3.5 mm earphone
  • Charger 22.5 W

Design and specifications of the phone Huawei P30

The Huawei P30 one of the possible versions of which were submitted by Huawei this year, which came to the Saudi market in the model a key characteristic memory random 8 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 128 GB is priced at 2499 SAR.

And Huawei phone Huawei P30 with the same choices of colors available of the Pro version, as this version supports two SIM cards or a single chip with an external memory card of Huawei.

Supports Huawei P30 standards IP53 for water and dust resistance, so the phone features a resistance to spray water only, it also comes phone Huawei P30 to design a smaller phone Pro features experience the series in control and constipation with one hand, as it is no different in manufacturing quality for a phone P30 Pro, which features a layer of glass in the rear and front of the phone also features a metal frame.

Come to the cameras in the back of the phone Huawei P30 design example is no different from the design of the cable car in the Pro version, also comes phone Huawei P30 port 3.5 mm headphone unlike phone Pro.

And thickness of the phone Huawei P30 to 7.6 mm, and weight of the phone to 165 grams, it also has the phone buttons features jump into an fast, the phone supports USB port C, with the external headset one, with earphone calls in the upper part on the reverse phone Pro that supports audio in the screen, while Miss phone Huawei P30 stereo speakers.

Screen design for Huawei P30

Comes phone Huawei P30 screen OLED flat-built port diameter on the reverse design of the curved screen phone Huawei P30 Pro, but that phone Huawei P30 comes out the best design in the screen with the lower window thickness compared to the phone Pro.

The phone features a size of 6.1-inch screen that supports a display resolution of 1080 at 2340 pixels, with a density width of 398 pixels per inch and dimensions of 19.5:9, it also has a phone technical the temperature of saturated colors or natural, come to the screen with a level of brightness higher than phone Pro where up in the highest brightness to 635 nit, so the phone can provide the level of very special lighting to ensure the user a clear display under direct sunlight.

The screen technology footprint possible phone Pro, also supports the screen also facial recognition technology, as confirmed by practical experience of the phone, it’s distinctive angles good vision, with color black, the immersive and deep is excellent and colours also as the phone supports a feature to read for long hours.

The acoustics in the phone Huawei P30

Comes phone Huawei P30 with one speaker only, it supports the production of audio characteristic correspond to the size of the phone, on the other hand, is the absence of stereo speakers is a difference certainly in the experience of the Acoustics, where support headphones stereo performance of the highest in acoustics often, but in the end, come experience good acoustics, high level acoustics, it also has a phone headset calls good experience also without jamming on the acoustics.

Also with practical experience of the performance of audio via the headset 3.5 mm made the phone performance is very good except that it does not rise to the highest level, also varies the performance of the processor the audio between my phone P30 وP30 Pro, with the latter doing the best in audio processing.

The performance of the phone Huawei P30

Provide Huawei phone Huawei P30 with chip processor Kirin 980 eight nuclei with Realtek screen Mali-G76 MP10, also comes the custom form to the Saudi market memory random 8 GB RAM with a storage capacity of 128 GB.

The phone also supports Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5, GPS binary, with NFC it is the exact specifications provided by Huawei in phone P30 Pro, where it meets these specifications to provide the best performance in games with make up power games, where come to show smooth well-proportioned in the phone, as the phone supports fast response in the launch of the apps in the phone interface.

Phone battery for Huawei P30

Featuring phone Huawei P30 battery characteristic capacity 3650 mAh less than the battery Pro possible capacity of 4200 mAh, also supports battery charger with fast charging capacity of 22.5 W which is less than the capacity of the charger in the phone Pro which comes charger 40W.

In the experience of the process of the battery of the phone with adjust the level of illumination at 60% with the use of traditional web browsing, play some games and watch some of the video content provided phone age charging between 5 and a half hours to 6 hours, you can phone Huawei P30 that supports the user throughout the day to optimize.

On the other hand, supports the battery charging from zero up to 100% in a period of up to one hour and 12 minutes, while charging the phone to 60% in just 30 minutes, and the phone’s fast-charging technology otherwise it will not be the technique of pathetic Super-Speed as in the phone Pro.

Software Phone Huawei P30

Applies phone Huawei P30 Android 9 Pie with the interface EMUI 9 that do not come to study the application of IT system experience iOS, as the user can choose between hide the extrusion in the screen or show it, and also provide the interface EMUI 9 a lot of tools to customize the trade my favorite user on the screen of the phone.

Also supports the fact some of the nurses of the intelligent system to rotate the screen, with more than Theo, and come Huawei applications experience good performance to support the user with the technology of artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, the phone supports the feature of fast scrolling to perform some actions in the interface of the phone experience closer for the iPhone, so in the end, will Android 9 Pie with the interface EMUI 9 user perform the good is not less than the level of performance of telephone Pro.

The cameras in phone Huawei P30

Features Phone Huawei P30 settings in the camera background comes sensor in which the main Strictly 40 mega pixel camera which supports technology RYYB with aperture lens f/1.8 but it does not support the feature optical stabilization, the sensor telephoto accurately 8 mega pixel camera with aperture f/2.4 technical supports OIS with optical zoom up to 3 times or zoom hybrid to 5 times.

While the sensor III accurately 16 mega pixel camera with aperture f/2.2 lens characteristic wide-angle also supports auto focus, and supports cameras, 4K video recording, with support for video recording in slow motion at 960 frames per second at 720 pixels, also comes cameras the signing of Mark Leica.

Also offer Huawei application camera the same nurses that came in phone Pro, where the phone supports the style of photography night or in low light, with the style of another to photograph the Portrait.

From another side comes the camera front in the phone is strictly 32-megapixel sensor with aperture f/2.0 Leica, where supports camera filming style Portrait with effects, bokeh effects live.

The phone Huawei P30 performance characteristic in the results of the still images up to a resolution of 10 megapixels often, the phone also offers imaging performance is excellent and amazing in the light of day, but one of the drawbacks in the design of the camera is the lack of Installer, visual that supports often export more efficiently in low light or in night hours.

On the other hand, does not provide the phone higher performance in video recording, but it is one of the specifications that I knew the Huawei phones, where the phone P30 Pro in performance of video recording by Slim, also support Camera Front video recording 1080p but it does not support 4K video recording.

While supporting the camera rear video recording in 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second, also supports the camera also 4K video recording, also the phone comes with optical zoom up to 3 times during the video recording, or zoom hybrid even 5 times however with this option will start the vibrations appear clearly in the video.


Huawei made the issuance of distinctive design, excellent in Huawei P30 with good specifications also support the user optimally, through the screen representative of the highest brightness, the battery that supports the user doing the good, and the level of sound operations and good except that it doesn’t come on the same level as the performance of the acoustics of the stereo speakers, also don’t come to the phone to illuminate the LED for alerts. On the other hand, the phone supports technology sensor fingerprint built-in screen to perform the fast with the support of facial recognition technology also, while I don’t come cameras same level of performance Pro in the technique of magnification in particular, but it’s specifications are compatible with the level of pricing of the phone, so the longer version featured of Huawei phones worth buying definitely.



  • The highest level of brightness in the screen
  • Experience perfect control and constipation on the phone
  • Performance is good in still pictures with the camera rear and front
  • Supports technology sensor footprint at the screen jump into an quick with face recognition technology
  • The card supports the user efficiently throughout the day and good price


  • Not featuring stereo speakers
  • There is no alert LED
  • Does not support the sensor main feature optical stabilization
  • The performance of the less efficient in the video recording of the Pro

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