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Apple launched the iPhone XS Max officially, it seems he is the most expensive phone and the top in terms of efficiency and battery capacity among all phones for iPhone launched by the company before.
You review the specifications, possibilities and features of the iPhone XS-Max:


Comes the design of the phone is quite similar to the design of the iPhone X with some minor differences, and the dimensions of the iPhone XS Max 7.7 × 77.4 × 157.5 mm and a weight of 208 grams, which makes one-handed use is somewhat difficult.

The device includes a glass back strong and enjoyable which reacts to ambient light to provide different colors, while the phone comes to the structure made of stainless steel which has a touch glossy and shiny. And Apple to the user’s glass with the phone is the hardest and most powerful of all.

Come interface phone screen from edge to edge with a bump up which includes a camera TrueDepth which are used for facial recognition, which allows you to open the phone lock using your face.

Show control buttons in the photo on the left of the phone, while the power button and the introduction of SIM cards on the right side.

And from the bottom, the phone includes a USB-C port with the opening of the photo which looks non-equal bit. Unfortunately, there is no socket for the headset.

The phone is available in gold dandy, there is also a version in gray or silver color.

The phone also comes standard IP68 resistant to water and dust, where the phone can resist water up to two meters for up to 30 minutes.

The screen

Comes the iPhone XS Max the largest screen of Apple at all, with a size of 6.5 inches, comes screen type OLED Super Retina which provide a unique experience to watch videos or to play with a resolution of 2688 x 1242 density of 458 pixels per inch, and you can use mode split display with Apple applications such as mail and calendar.

Technology Super Retina provide the phone by the brightness of the $ 606 nits, as the screen features rich colors with a range of RGB colors.

The camera

Think of the iPhone XS Max the best in 2018 of hand photos and videos, it is equipped with dual rear 12-megapixel with aperture of f/1.8 for the first time, as for the second coming 12-megapixel with aperture f/2.4, as it is characterized by an optical zoom even two. Comes to setting rear camera coupled with LED flash.

One of the most important advantages of the existing camera iPhone XS Max is Smart HDR, which works to capture images faster with adjust the advanced algorithms provide more details and shadows in the photo.

Comes quality shooting video with a camera background accurately 2160 pixels at rates of 24/30/60 frames per second, or 1080p at the rate of 30/60/120/240 frames per second, with a great improvement in sound quality.

As for the camera front, it comes 7 mega pixel with f/2.2 aperture, as it’s also fitted with Smart HDR and photography Albuquerque.

But to record a video by front camera 1080p with 60 frame with installed digital, you will need to go to the settings and disable the camera back to 1080 pixel with 60 FPS also.



The phone comes with a processor of the supernatural so it is A12 Bionic hexa-core with 7 nm with processing unit neurological unit to ensure the processing of sophisticated graphics. Apple claims that the processor of phone XS Max is faster by 15 percent, as the graphics processor also faster by 50%.

Works phone running iOS 12 which provides ultra-fast in performance tests with Siri and organize notifications and search in the pictures and many new features.

The phone comes memory random capacity of 4 GB, and is available in three different versions in terms of internal memory, and either 64 GB or 256 GB or 512 GB.


Comes the iPhone XS Max battery double capacity 3174 mAh, which will continue to work up to 6 hours of run screen.

The battery supports fast charging technology by a 50% in 30 minutes as it also supports wireless charging technology.


The phone is available at a price of 4749 SAR for the 64 GB, while the version of 256 GB at a price of 5399 SAR, either version of the 512 GB is available at a price of 6299 SAR.


This topic review mobile phone iPhone XS Max appeared on Engadget.

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