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Made the giant Korean phone available Galaxy A70 over the last month to join the company versions of its phones available, which varied in design and specifications and this year, the Galaxy A70 one of the versions of Samsung possible unexpectedly.

The control of Huawei with the Honor of business and Lenovo also on the market of phones available for a long time, but Samsung has returned strongly this year with a very special set of phones available in the series of Galaxy A that came this year to the design and specifications closer to feature phones.

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The first experiment was with my phone Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 exhibition in Barcelona this year, where he revealed the practical experience of the phone about the design and specifications of excellent, the case is no different with the Galaxy A70 which is demonstrated by Samsung on its return strongly compete in the market of phones available with good price Galaxy A70 specifications and excellent.

The content of the box phone Galaxy A70

  • Unit Galaxy A70
  • Layer screen protection pre-installed
  • Charger capacity 25W
  • Back cover transparent
  • On ear headphones 3.5 mm

Design and specifications the Samsung Galaxy A70

Offering Samsung Galaxy A70 memory random 6 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 128 GB, as Samsung presents in this release a separate independent memory card external, supports phone my partner SIM.

On the other hand, does the phone comes with wireless charging or IP standards for water and dust resistance, but Samsung is offering this version in the characteristic colors with the quality of the manufacturing good in the aluminum frame and the glass in the rear and front of the phone, as weighing up the phone to 183 grams.

Also in the experience of using the phone presents the design of the experiment fixed as not to slip from the user’s hand easily even with the design of the glass, also comes the button to turn on your phone in the perfect position, but it is not prominent so big, also comes the control button in the phonics level in the right side of the design of the phone.

One of the few breeds that comes out of the Galaxy A70 in the speaker where supports Samsung this version with the external one without system and stereo.

On the other hand, Samsung offers a USB port C which is a good feature for the average comes at a good price, providing some of the phones available, often the micro-USB port, while the headset comes with a call to the top of the camera front the phone features phone technology sensor fingerprint built-in screen.

Screen design the Galaxy A70

Comes phone Galaxy A70 design bump diameter in the screen or the screen of Infinity-U, where the operating ratio of 93.4% of the under the phone, how come the phone’s screen Super AMOLED display, the characteristic size of 6.7 inch with a quality display of Full HD Plus, and accurately display 2400 in 1080 px.

And the ratio of the brightness in the screen of the Galaxy A70 to 575 nit, which is a very high rate in proportion to the brightness of the screen, so it can support the users screen in the lighting of direct sunlight to optimize.

Also Samsung offers settings to adjust the color and lighting in the screen, along with a feature to adjust the level of color saturation in the screen, adjust the power of color black and white, as Will the user have the freedom to choose to hide the control buttons in the system screen or display them through the Settings screen, also with this specs in the screen will the user experience featured games.

The acoustics in the Galaxy A70

Even with one earphone in Galaxy A70 but it will support the user to experience the sound of good, high level journalists may not reach the level of efficiency level of the audio’s stereo, except that the phone doesn’t come out as fuzziness in the audio.

Cameras the Galaxy A70

The Galaxy A70 Settings three camera rear design is prominently featured in the background, where the design of the cable car on the quality of the manufacturing of the Samsung Galaxy A70 as one of the available versions is possible at a good price.

Comes sensor the main camera background accurately 32 mega pixel camera with aperture f/1.7 but does not support the phone feature optical stabilization, while the sensor III accurately 8 mega pixel camera with a viewing angle of 120 degree with the lens characteristic wide-angle range, also offering the Samsung sensor is the third in a camera background accurately 5 mega pixel camera supports depth of 3D imaging and portrait to the side of the bokeh effects.

While The comes Galaxy A70 camera front accurately 32 mega pixel camera, with software that supports the pattern that simulates lenses, wide-ranging, but in general will the Samsung Galaxy A70 user level excellent in video and audio quality particularly in photography in the daylight hours, with the highest Dynamic range provides more precise details.

Also supports the camera technique of artificial intelligence, however, the absence of the feature of optical stabilization will need with the user to install the camera manually when shooting in low light or night.

In the video recording using the camera front-end the period before you install the materials when you move from one location to another, and also supports video recording in slow motion at 480 frames per second, recording in 720p, and you can also video recording system new display which achieves advantage for the user also.

While come camera rear with 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, also supports video recording accurately 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second.

The performance of the Samsung Galaxy A70

Featuring the Galaxy A70 chip Snapdragon processor 675 eight nuclei and is one of the best processors provided the highest class of phones available, as the phone comes early screen Adreno 612, also supports phone call, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5, also supports the NFC technology in your model market, Saudi Arabia, Galaxy A70 also comes with a FM radio.

This supports the nurses on the phone perform well in daily tasks and with multitasking thanks to the Ram 6 GB RAM, also supports the user to perform very good frames sleek lines in some of the games featured quality graphic High, where he made the phone perform well when you try to run the game asphalt 9 for example.

The battery in the Galaxy A70

Comes phone Galaxy A70 Samsung capacity battery 4500 mAh offers the user even more than 7 hours of operating, How come the battery with the fast charging charger with the capacity of 25W that supports charging the phone from zero up to 100% in 1 hour and 5 minutes only, so it charger very fast.

Software Phone Galaxy A70

Supports Galaxy A70 Android operating system Pie with a user interface, One UI 1.1 which offers the performance excellent with the operating system Andorid, and also provides the interface a smooth experience for the user, with the performance of the fast and pleasant navigation between pages, also supports the interface to customize the experience of a favorite to the user through a set of tools.


Made Samsung Galaxy A70 at a good price up to 1465 SR with almost the highest specification in the category of phones available, so the longer the phone is one of the versions available that advise you to buy them this year, where features perform very fast in registry with the sensor footprint in the screen, it also features face recognition technology also.

On the other hand, Samsung offers a very good design with an excellent standard in manufacturing quality, with a screen so wonderful, a battery excellent in user support, the phone also comes perform excellent also in general, also comes the cameras in the phone of a good standard, so in general the Samsung made Galaxy A70 features compete strongly in the market of phones available, with flaws don’t remember and certainly affect the excellence of this version of the Samsung.


Samsung offers a very good design with an excellent standard in manufacturing quality, with a screen so wonderful, a battery excellent in user support, the phone also comes perform excellent also in general



  • Good price with the highest performance in the category of phones available
  • A fingerprint sensor in the screen to perform a quick facial recognition
  • Distinctive, highest-quality manufacturing in the category of phones available with super battery charger with quick capacity 25W
  • Distinctive top times featured cameras with performance very good.
  • Stunning screen supports the user efficiently in the light of the sun appeared distinct in the interface, One UI 1.1


  • The absence of the feature of optical stabilization in the camera.
  • Headset external one and includes stereo speakers
  • Does not support IP standards

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