Review of Dunu Titan 6: headphones and player, and smartphone

The history of the emergence on the market of the company Dunu Topsound quite interesting: first, she engaged in the manufacture of OEM models for well-known audio brands, the names of which many at the hearing, and then moved to its own line of headphones. And now her thing is to offer customers high-quality headphones at affordable prices, while similar solutions from renowned corporations can cost two or three times more expensive. That only is the Titan 1, which has been so popular that it even “borrowed” FiiO releasing EX1.

Dunu Titan 6 — excellent earphones with dynamic driver

But the time is coming and has now come to talk about the sixth iteration of the “titans” — Dunu titan-6. Contrary to the expectations of some, the new headphones the manufacturer did not abandon the dynamic driver, as if showing us that the potential of the classic speakers have not yet been exhausted. No wonder the engineers notably pokorili on the development of the metallic coating of the membrane — all for the sake of good sound. Over form factor is also job, right before my eyes Sony EX85LP are drawn, when closely studied zvukovoy.

Nothing like?

Not without major innovations: so, the new metal housing, the ability to change the cable and the rich content of the accessories. Earphones are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, and we liked the model in the “copper” color — as if it had just drained out of shape. Dunu Titan 6 use a single-driver with a diameter of 12.6 mm, while titanium in the coating of the diaphragm were replaced by beryllium. But the name decided not to change (so it’s confused, and the continuity will be preserved).

The contents

The Characteristics Of The Dunu Titan 6

  • Emitter: 12.6 mm beryllium diaphragm
  • Frequency range: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Plug: 3.5 mm l-shaped
  • Cable: removable, 1.2 m
  • Weight: 7.63 g

The package

On the box you can tell at least, because now many approach to the selection of wired headphones as a ritual: indeed, the majority has chosen the Bluetooth headphones, there are all sorts of AirPods and the headset, and lovers of quality sound there’s not much left. Dunu like to understand this, so when you unpack the box, you catch yourself thinking that you want to get not headphones, and turntable. Still, it’s not just wired headphones — they are without a headset microphone, so that all the most authentic. But contemporary.

The box is made in the corporate style Dunu

Beneath a stylish black box

The kit put the headset, 6 pairs of silicone sleeves in different sizes, very stylish leather case with gold zipper and covered with lint from the inside.

This case often even the premium headphones will not meet

Attachments put on any occasions (and that’s not all)

Without max Barsky inside (not himself, of course, just pictures) is also not done, Dunu often puts this artist on the packaging. Maybe not in vain it seemed to us that undercut housings similar to the balalaika…

Well the truth is balalaika?

Dunu often puts this artist in the package

The cable is simply made of wicker with MMCX connectors, it combines copper and silver, soft and almost eliminates microphonic effect. There is a loop to support the folded wire. Even special tips for runners put! Only it is possible to love the Chinese manufacturers, the approach to the delivery from them to the king — that FiiO that Dunu. The abundance of the bits in the kit allows you to choose a suitable for comfortable wear option.

The cable is well updated

Connectors removable


Aluminum-magnesium alloy looks very rich — I would chose the copper version, the black will look so cool. By the way, for the same reason, the headphones are lighter than those of the fifth the Titans — almost 3 times. At the back of the cups left chrome, small bezel of this material can be seen closer to the ear pads. What the creators of the individual thanks to the surface of the plates matte, so fingerprints they collect at all.

Chrome not only behind but also in circumference

Located on the body of only one hole — it seems like for the acoustic camera. A few holes in the end of the sound channel was replaced by a perforated grid.

A few holes in the end of the sound channel was replaced by a perforated mesh

Not to approach the titans can, perhaps, only owners of the smallest ears. Weight is evenly distributed along the outer part of the ear, and the comfort and sound can be compared with a premium in-ear headphones.

The headphones are very lightweight, sit comfortably on the head

I do not like the fact that Dunu Titan 5 left chrome housings used in previous models the headphone company, but titan-6 has kept the continuity, they really like the Titan 1. And considering that this last model has become a landmark for the manufacturer, you can count on success and the sixth version.


Onedriver 16 Ohm headphones perfectly reveal on the smartphone and with the help of the player. They can be safely connected to your phone and play music from your favorite streaming services, but with a good player like HiFiMan the office of technical inspection will not disappoint. About “deep” and “bright” sound makes no sense to write, let’s talk about the main features of these headphones — small color midrange. And he’s not going anywhere, will you connect these headphones to your player, smartphone or to use the amplifier; yea, here, there is some acoustic flatness, but this is a feature of the Dunu. Headphones reproduce the most natural sound, but with a twist, and you always know them.

Listened to with Google Pixel, and with the HiFiMan player — delight

To low frequencies, there are no complaints — they look the same as in the case of Titan 1. They have good density and filling in reinforcement models of this almost impossible to achieve. About MIDs have already said, and as for RF, I liked to adjust them using a band equalizer. Although this is, again, a question of taste perception: someone will be the stock sound, others go to change the nozzle, cable, add power or properly warm up before the audition.

Why you need metal plating on the driver? It allows the membrane to operate as an elastic sheet — that is, using the entire area. Working similarly isodynamic and electrostatic transducers.

These headphones are designed for high-quality player (or Vice versa)

A couple of tracks for example.

The Weeknd — Ordinary life.

Because the bass is the Forte of headphones Dunu (and titan-6 is no exception), so all songs Abel Tesfaye, going with them to cheer. The bass is full bodied and moderately deep, but about vocals not forgotten.

Michael Kiwanuka — “Love & Hate”.

New album Michael Kiwanuka something that is really worth to hear. Creativity Kiwanuka all so liked that he was even invited to speak at the opening act for singer Adele during her tour of the UK. The new album is well everything from the first chords to a mixture of gospel, jazz and Blues, and some tracks there was a place even psychedelic rock. And these headphones capture notes with surprising accuracy.

Best headphones in its segment?

In the segment they are very good

At a cost of about 10 thousand rubles titan-6 can be called such, because other headphones will not be able to provide such a sound character. Dunu still offers a good design and a rich set of delivery, while maintaining a clean sound without tuning. For such devices the price is more than acceptable.

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