Review of the iPhone Xs Max

Here we are dear readers of the world of Technology go back to review the devices Apple Annual, which always have a brightness of media through advertisement or by it through hearsay, or after the announcement through the reviews and experiences of people and critics.

In turn, we’re doing the rest, we recall our humble opinion in this new device, here, of course, talking about the iPhone Xs Max which we had the opportunity to experience it during the short period financial.

So let’s get to the details and we talk about this new machine and the long name.


Since last year through the launch of the iPhone X turned the Apple TV for the first time to use OLED screens, and this transition was one of the best decisions made by the company, where they offer the user the possibility to enjoy a screen considered to be the best in the market in terms of clarity, quality and appearance of colors.

Completed Apple this expansion through the launch of its phones New, including the iPhone xs Max which has the same screen quality but size larger, and therein lies the value of the device additional compared to X, in return for the large screen makes use of OLED technology and clarity of the high is very tempting for the acquisition of this device.


From the standpoint of design, the device is no different from the design of the iPhone X, but it came more with the same measurements of the big phones previous which ends with the word plus in the name, but what distinguishes this device is that the screen is bigger than iPhone other.

I think that the design could be better by abandoning the bleeding stopped on its own, but by virtue of that Apple did not provide an alternative to the imprint of the face was to use in this design and you change it.

However, with frequent use, you find yourself dependent on the presence of bleeding stopped on its own and does not live her any attention, as they don’t ruin the experience the screen.

The camera

I admit I don’t have much experience in the field of photography, but sometimes I can note the difference between the phones when you choose the quality of the images taken, this is what happened when the experience of the iPhone Xs Max, compared to the Phone Arena the difference is clear from the hand lighting and sound quality, this goes back curious to determine Apple TV to calculate the camera which is better than the previous. Also features a cunning that has the HDR feature smart device’s camera to take more pictures and then give the user the image of the colors and the lighting and shades are excellent too, this feature has become activated automatically in the camera to make-and the Xs unlike phones Apple TV previous.

The other thing that distinguishes camera cunning and Xs, is to provide a function to modify the degree of isolation in the portrait, in phones X can’t do that. after capturing the picture, as in new phones can be done through the amendment to the images, as you can see below, the results of the insulation is very excellent.

Photo of camera iPhone Xs Max


When we talk about the performance of Apple devices is always going to be in the article, Paul supports the organs of the best processors and graphics engines (graphics) which makes use of the device smooth and fast with all the apps and games as well as the functionality of the system.

This year made Apple processor Bayeux give 12 which is more than the previous version by 11% in performance, and approximately 50% in energy saving as well as in the performance of the graphics in the machine, these numbers indicate the strength of the new processor, has increased channel and this figures in my experience.

The use of the applications quick Beyond Belief, and there is no any slow in dealing with heavy applications as well as games that contain huge content.

This high performance of the new processor impact on the feature fingerprint of the face, where it became faster than the previous. And in my experience, short touched this thing, he opened the lock device has become very fast even if you are not in a position to recognize my face quickly (like waking up).

What I didn’t like the device

Of the things that I did not like the device is applicable to a lot of devices in current market is size, although my experience of the tens devices with large size and between devices Apple TV latest iPhone Xs Max, but I find it difficult to cope with a huge private and it is difficult to control with one hand, therefore not the best ever acquisition of a device this size, although its potential is tempting.

The other thing is Price, Paul put this device the price is very high and the value of the best version of LED device iPads high quality, this price makes me hesitate greatly in the acquisition of the device, especially that all the can find him at his youngest brother.

Finally the battery, after long and intense use of social networks and watch the video and experience some of the games the card of the device, unfortunately, has not improved significantly from the previous phone, the battery doesn’t last more than about 8 hours, for me, this performance is very normal and logical for your large size.

Review summary:

Things I liked:

  • The strong performance of the
  • The screen assembly
  • The camera
  • The Voice of Heaven is very high and clear

Things I didn’t like:

  • Battery performance normal
  • The price is too high.
  • The size of the device bulky

Final evaluation: 8.5 of 10

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Review of the iPhone Xs Max

Today I bring you a video review of the iPhone Xs Max in the format of question and answer, but it’s more in an entertaining format. In the text, I’ll tell you in detail about this smartphone.

Specifications iPhone Xs Max

  • Dimensions: 157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm.
  • Weight: 208 g
  • Operating system: iOS 12.
  • CPU: Apple A12 Bionic (six cores).
  • Display: OLED, 6,5″x 1242 2688, 458 PPI.
  • Memory: 64/256/512 GB.
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • Camera: primary – 12 MP, f1. 8, 4K60 video recording/Full HD/HD, 1080p up to 240 fps, the second primary – 12 MP, 56mm, f2,4 front and 7 MP, video recording in Full HD.
  • Wireless technology: Wi-Fi (2.4 Gh/5Gh) 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5, NFC.
  • Interface connectors: Lightning.
  • Battery: non-removable Li-Pol battery 3174 mAh.

After the presentation of iPhone X last year, it was clear that further development involves the release of a large model, which could be Plus or Pro, by analogy with large iPhones of past years either by analogy with the Pro-versions of ipedo. But Apple went a little further and added a third console to the existing two – Max. It sounds kind of strange and I understand that explanation, so why not. Well, okay, let it be max.

This is our usual updates within the 2-year cycle, which has the prefix S. the main feature of this update was the large model because the other serious innovation there. There is progress, but something of the level of Siri in the 4s, Touch ID in the 5s is not here. I must say that Max version looks and feels too huge, even when smartphones are nearby. The difference is obvious, but not impressive. But the experience of a larger screen, but more on that later.

From the outside a nice difference a new color. I don’t like gold, but looks stylish and fresh, although the saturation is more like a bronze.

And from bad – bottom asymmetry. Previously, the number of holes was the same on both sides of the Lightning connector, and now due to the shifted antenna such beauty is no more. It’s not pretty, I like symmetry, but do not say that critically. Just not perfect, like many others.


As I said above, display is the main change in the iPhone this year. In Max version, the screen size is 6.5″, resolution — 1242 x 2688 pixels, pixel density of 458 PPI. It is made with OLED technology, there is support for HDR video. Compared to the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note9 screen became brighter and with a warmer white color that looks more natural.

The picture is overall great, but because of the fact that the bangs have not changed in size, it takes up much less space on the display in percent. Because of this, and videos look nicer, and to play games.

But the main thing – it is the same frame from all sides, making the smartphone less than competitors with similar diagonals screens. For example, Galaxy Note9 more, despite the smaller screen. And if you compare with iPhone 8 Plus, which has a diagonal display less than an inch, it becomes really funny, because the novelty is more compact. In fairness, I note that the aspect ratio was previously 16:9, so the width of the screens are almost identical.

Speakers, IP68

A little about less visible changes. Stereo speakers began to sound louder. But I don’t call that an advantage, because at maximum volume the density of sound is not added and, in fact, it turns into a hiss. Overloads and no, it’s just physics you will not deceive: for more surround necessary the large size of the acoustic shells.

Also, the smartphone is now protected by standard IP68 against the ingress of moisture inside. It can be submerged up to two meters for 30 minutes, and Apple says that now salt water is not terrible. However, testing is not necessary, because the warranty for water damage are not covered.


Cameras are slightly improved, and the changes were made as photos and videos. The resolution has remained the same: basic sensors (shirik and telephoto) 12 MP, front camera – 7 MP. But the matrix from the main camera became larger, now the size of an individual pixel is 1.4 microns. Also changed the focal length, now primary camera is the equivalent of 26 mm, while as earlier it was 28 mm.

Appeared Smart HDR mode which is enabled by default when needed. Really very similar working with HDR Auto, which was earlier, but it did not work almost never in auto mode, had to force it. But a wider dynamic range is the most important change in the camera for me. I will soon make a small comparison cameras old iPhone and Galaxy Note9, it is perfectly visible, as the iPhone did much better on complex scenes both day and night.

Examples photo

The video capture settings remained exactly the same, however, there was a record stereo sound. Long overdue.

Performance and autonomy

Inside the iPhone Xs and Xs have the same Max iron: six-core processor A12 Bionic Apple, the Apple graphics GPU, 4GB of RAM and between 64 and 512 GB of ROM. In life, the rate of increase, will tell you like it is lacking. iPhone X and 8 is still very fast, but in benchmarks there is a difference.

Battery capacity – 3174 mAh and iPhone enough for the first tests to be more Autonomous Galaxy Note9. However, we will soon hold its test on the channel Checkeddto understand how it is better than the competition.

The cost

Yes, there are a lot new iPhone. But I repeat: you will not personally insulted you can always choose not to buy this or any other smartphone. Apple philosophy is simple: “We make the best smartphones, also inexpensive. You do not have to pay all at once, you can pay $ 30 a month, and it is 1 dollar a day per smartphone, $ 1000”. And there will not argue, moreover, we have such people: on the one hand, whine that Apple (and other companies) not doing anything in our market, we are not in the first and second wave of sales, no store, and on the other hand, complain that expensive. That’s why Apple and not presented here because our solvency – it’s not their problem. Prices can be viewed on the Apple website, but I would only say that in Europe the maximum cost will be around 2K dollars.

Overall, I liked the update. It’s not revolutionary, but very logical. Has improved almost everything, including autonomy and the chamber, thus releasing a brand new model too early, to bend the ribbon cable of the screen ago, no one until now could not. And it is clear that Apple is not the undisputed leader of innovation in this smartphone there is no fingerprint scanner below the display, the camera is just one of the best and so on. But this is unlikely to affect sales, because the smartphone is still very good.
Updated with iPhone X is only on the large model: regular Xs differs minimally. But an iPhone 8 and earlier models and you can sell slowly.

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