Review of the Meizu M6S – they did it again the best budget!

Every year the budget phones are becoming more interesting. They already have the normal IPS screens, protective glasses, metal inserts and other, not quite natural for this class of devices, things. But Meizu is doing another step forward and brings in the segment of affordable phones new screen ratio 18 to 9, a pressure-sensitive screen and a couple of other interesting features. I am two weeks passed with Meizu M6S, as with the main phone, and I want to share with you the experience of using one of the most interesting public sector beginning in 2018.


The appearance of the smartphone is significantly different from what we’ve seen before. Now all the “outrage” about the obsolete design in the past. The front side is nothing like Meizu and personally reminded me of Samsung A8. So M6S doesn’t look like the public sector.

The use of the actual aspect ratio of the screen 18 by 9 forced the manufacturer to remove the mechanical signature button and a little to rethink the way of managing the phone. But, in my opinion, it went only benefit of the model, because in previous versions of the notorious button broke very often and did not differ special reliability. And then it’s decided so – no buttons, no problem.

The rear panel was quite “adult”. There is no more plastic inserts on the top and the bottom. So the phone has ceased to be felt as something cheap. The quality of housing and design remain only pleasant impressions.

Tactile M6S I really liked, but it has minor flaws that I want to mention. For example the power button. Fingerprint reader moved to the side and the power button has shifted significantly. Now it is necessary to reach that extremely uncomfortable.

In addition, very often, instead of switching on / off phone I have done a screenshot. And all because of what is directly under the index finger is the volume rocker. It’s the capturing of the screenshot, instead of the planned action.

It is clear that to turn off the phone by long pressing on the Central touch key, but the time it takes more.

A special recess for the scanner to add variety to the line of the shell. The position of the sensor very good, and the speed determine the standard for phones Meizu. It’s great and almost instantly identifies the fingerprint and unlocks the phone.

In all other respects there have been no changes. All the usual connectors remained in their seats, and USB Type-C, unfortunately, never appeared.

And, it should be said that all M6S available colors (black, gray, gold and blue) very easily soiled. To scrub the fingerprints can be very difficult.


The display, as I said, it’s not quite standard. The company M6S equipped with a 5.7-inch IPS-screen with the now popular aspect ratio of 18 to 9. Resolution it HD+ or 1440 by 720 pixels.

For a budget phone is an optimal balance between matrix size and resolution. Discomfort or pain in the eyes I have not experienced, only the colors in my copy were not quite correct. But looking at the phone’s design, its price and a lot of interesting pieces, it can be forgiven.

In addition, there is not just a screen 18 at 9, Meizu have gone further and even rounded off the corners of the screen. On the one hand, it’s a small thing, but it looks this phone is much more expensive than $ 150.

But some real benefit from the extended screen, I never felt. Information is placed is not particularly more, but in the phone there is no settings or options for the forced stretching of applications under the entire area of the display. The latter becomes the reason for the black bars on the sides.

The phone’s design really drags, but to calibrate the matrix would not hurt. Brightness, even in bright sunlight I had, and the light sensor I would call adequate.

In another interesting feature – a special area is sensitive to touch.

It replaces mechanical buttons with it quite successfully. I used a couple of hours and then it all happened on the machine. It is worth noting that there are no sensitivity settings in my firmware not found, which is a bit frustrating.

In addition, there were gestures, something similar we could see on the iPhone. Swipe on bottom bar to switch between running applications.

But if you a new way of management is not entered in the settings include the standard Android buttons and enjoy. Plus in this mode, there is the ability to quickly activate Google Search by long holding the Central keys.

Characteristics and performance

But the most important changes occurred in the hardware platform. The members of the caste of “haters Mediatek”, which haitili every new phone Meizu, now nothing to talk about. Because the company has installed a six-core Exynos 7872, built on a 14 nm process. In fact we get about 65-68 thousand points in Antutu and, as always, quick work of your operating system. With the latest and earlier issues was not, and then even more so.

Paired to it has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal. Memory card support in place. For my use case this is quite enough, but for fans of mobile gaming, there is one trouble – accelerator Mali G71.

There is also a single core version of this graphic, which is very hard. Modern heavy games it is clearly not. For example, the same Iron Blade shows about 5-6 Fps. More simple projects are working more cheerful, but for games M6S poorly suited.

Perhaps a stable firmware will slightly improve the situation, but on a serious leap in performance I wouldn’t count on it.

If you close your eyes for some glitches in early versions, the speed of the phone will suit me. The shell is minimalistic and has a lot of useful chips that are not in stock Android. Real hardware only two drawbacks: the lack of NFC and microUSB, which I even their USB Type-C headset cannot connect to the phone.

Autonomy and sound

Despite the old connector, fast charging, we have delivered. For me it was very useful, because I often forget to throw the phone on charge in the evening and in the morning put in 30 minutes half of the battery is. Nice.

Of the autonomy I was not expecting revelations, battery, 3000 mAh is enough for a day, it is the maximum. Can a stable firmware will give an extra hour, but no more. All pretty standard.

As for the sound, then there is no change. The quality is good, there is an equalizer, but audiophiles will not appreciate. Paired with my hybrid headphone Xiaomi phone has played exactly 150 dollars.


At the presentation representatives of the company devoted a lot of time new camera phone, promising a significant improvement in the quality of images, particularly in HDR mode. But 16 megapixel with aperture of f\2.0 “able to photograph” only in perfect lighting.

On early firmware version autofocus behaves very strangely and slowly brings the sharpness. Pictures often lubricated and noisy, and the digital stabilizer and noise reduction don’t really fight with the problem. With the video in General, all very sad, so now the previous model in terms of the photo even more interesting.

HDR is simply indistinguishable from the normal mode, maybe in this version he is not even active. Still a little upset with the time you open the snapshot, the process takes prohibitively long time and is reminiscent of some models of Sony.

So with cameras there to understand the situation. Sometimes you get very good pictures, but this “sometimes” happens very rarely. Waiting for stable, but for now I would refrain from shooting.


Despite the typical problems of sample and the early firmware, the phone I liked. The most noted software issues the end user does not meet the needs, and without them, the M6S are very interesting, especially for $ 150. Personally, I just stops the lack of NFC and USB Type-C, which I’m very used to.

But if those aren’t important – it is a good budget device, which will surely be popular due to the large number of interesting pieces, good hardware platform and attractive prices.

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