Review OPPO RENO: I think the company knows something

OPPO smartphones at the beginning of his appearance on the Russian market was seen by many very ambiguous. The company tried many times to win the hearts of potential buyers. Recently was another attempt. Her name OPPO RENO…

It is worth to say thanks to the developers for the fact that the camera is not obtrusive. That’s just lying on the table, the smartphone has not become better. The cause is a protruding element on the rear wall. Nice, but spoils the whole idea of the struggle with the bulging camera.

OPPO RENO is not the first experiment with leaving the OPPO camera. Various options were many, but the most interesting of them can be called OPPO FIND X, which was hidden in the module going from all the cameras.

Opener, according to the manufacturer, is silent, but in complete silence to hear it anyway. Any mechanism that emits sounds, and it is an axiom requiring no proof.

Unlike the OPPO FIND X, the module appears only in the moment of operation the front camera flash or flashlight. When working the main camera, it remains in the body, which allows you to save the resource mechanism, which is 200 000 cycles of motion. If you open the camera in the 100-150 times a day, the mechanism will serve at least six years. Moreover, for unlocking is provided on-screen fingerprint scanner. So it is possible to dispense with activation of the lift mechanism when you unlock.

Like other OPPO smartphones, the mechanism is protected from damage when falling. Once recorded a fall, the module is immediately removed inside. This significantly reduces the risk of damage of its components.

Close your finger the camera. In this case will be closed and the app, but it’s hardly worth doing. The force which must be applied for, to intercept the smartphone uncomfortable. Easier just to leave the camera application or to switch to the main module to close itself.

Front camera resolution OPPO RENO 16 MP. To quality of special claims is not, but best to call her language does not turn. Blur is not the best, semilunate easy there, but the backlight of the camera and its algorithms RVC treated well. The camera is decent but not the best.

Camera interesting. The maximum picture resolution is 48 MP. Somehow in between it gave me a certain standard. Unfortunately, it is not only can significantly improve the quality of the pictures. Will need direct hands and the combination of many other factors.

Modules main camera, two — 48 MP and 5 MP. There is a separate version with 10x magnification without loss of quality, which is called OPPO RENO 10x ZOOM. How his periscope camera we were told at the presentation, held on the eve of MWC 2019. That was before Huawei released its P30 Pro, which also features such camera.

To images taken with the main camera OPPO RENO usual, no complaints. They can be called worthy images to a smartphone for 40,000 rubles. Examples eloquently speak about it. It is worth noting how the camera works in low light and backlit. The subject and background turn out very bright and juicy. So any claims to the camera no.

The original photos can be viewed at this link

We can say that the younger model is a bit cheated by the performance because it works on Snapdragon processor 710. Despite this, few would argue that the actual CPU and blame his lack of productivity difficult. Moreover, the smartphone provides system optimization of games and applications that allows it to work even faster.

RAM in the older model OPPO RENO 6 GB, and a 10X ZOOM — 8 GB. Internal memory in both cases is 256 GB. For top version — this is normal, and the younger for 40,000 rubles this generosity of the producer is respected.

For even more gaming of the effectiveness of the design includes the cooling system. Special tube dissipate heat and help to reduce the temperature of important elements of the smartphone. When working with a smartphone there is a feeling that the cooling system really works as the body heats up slightly and very evenly.

The operating system ColorOS OPPO RENO stands 6 built Android-9. The design is difficult to call unique, but some nice features which make it very comfortable. One notification system is worth. Management, naturally, is carried out gestures, but you can configure and manage the classic three buttons.

The juice of a smartphone, perhaps, will be its screen. First, it is the right shape and even a speaker hidden in the travelling element. Secondly, it is very juicy and colorful. Thirdly, it is big and takes up 93,1% of the area of the front panel.

The screen size of the regular version of OPPO RENO is 6.4 inches at a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and density of 402 dpi. For comparison, in version OPPO RENO 10x ZOOM the screen even a little worse. The quality of the image and form did not disappoint, but if to carp, it is possible to note that its diagonal 6.6 inches, and resolution is the same as the younger model. Because of this, the pixel density drops to 387 dpi.

Not to mention a few important features of OPPO RENO, which manufacturers sometimes forget. Unfortunately, even in expensive devices it is not always possible to meet Bluetooth 5.0. Here he is in all the versions, like NFC. Pro headphone Jack not forgotten. He is in his place.

Pre-order the basic version available from may 10 at a price of 39990 rubles. Unfortunately, due to the characteristics of the cellular market, we will not have to sell the third version of the smartphone was based on version 10x ZOOM, but with support of networks of the fifth generation. Officially buy it will be only in those countries where 5G is supported.

Buyers will be offered a choice of two colors, including “blue ocean” and “graphite black”. The first looks very interesting and original. No wonder most advertising of products depicted by him.

Summarizing, we can say that for the money the OPPO presented a very good machine. Can remember, there is Honor View 20, which is the same but it has the top processor. These two smartphones will compete, but on the side OPPO will be a spirit of rebellion, which is expressed in her bold decisions to which not all are willing manufacturers.

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