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Company introduced Honor phone Honor 9 Lite recently a modern stylish design, with a bright screen and specifications supported by well priced phone in the market of phones available.


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Phone design Honor 9 Lite

No different phone design Honor 9 Lite for phone Nova 2i from Huawei, as it also correspond to the specifications of both phones, where the Honor phone Honor 9 Lite design metal frame of your phone with the cover glass supports the sleek design of the phone mimics the possible versions, the company also launched the color of the blue turquoise supports the sleeker design of the phone.

Comes Honor 9 Lite in front of a camera with double the sensor 13 and 2 mega pixel camera supports photography effects bokeh effects for Sylvia, with the screen characteristic size of 5.65 inches, it also comes at the end of the front of the phone brand Honor.

Also featuring the right side of the phone design to the specifications of the possible versions of the Honor with the control button in the audio to the side of the button, where the buttons, the design supports fast switching to the phone or control the acoustics that does not require much effort from the user, so you may not activate these buttons also accidentally in the pocket of the user.


In the left side of the phone design featuring Honor 9 Lite double slot supports my partner SIM size nano or a one with a microSD memory card external, also do not come to the top of the phone in any slots or sensors which phone supports Honor 9 Lite is a good design.

While the lower part of the phone the entrance of the earphones 3.5 mm, with microphone, and micro USB, along with the loudspeaker in the phone.


In the back of the phone design featuring design Glass For Honor 9 lite camera, double sensor with 13 megapixels, and the last with 2 mega pixel camera, with LED flash, and also to the bottom of the settings the camera. the smartphone includes a fingerprint sensor is possible to design a carousel.

Phone design Honor 9 lite featured to control the behavior of the phone in the palm of the hand, as it is characterized by the design of the light, only to design the glass for the background shows up fingerprints, so it requires to use the phone with the portfolio for sure.

Phone screen Honor 9 lite

Comes phone Honor 9 Lite the size of a 5.65-inch screen, with dimensions of 18:9 the company’s IPS, as the phone comes to the quality of the display 2160 in 1080p, or strictly 427 pixels per inch, which is the specification support the view clear and strong in the screen, as the phone also supports the display resolution in the corners of the phone efficiently, as show media on your phone screen with natural colors characteristic, it also supports the design screen to use the phone efficiently in daylight hours with direct sunlight by 70%.

Honor-9-Lite- display

On the other hand comes phone with an average level in the experience of sound and also in spite of the production of the phone The Voice of operations to the level of high, medium, clear they not only differ from a lot of smart phones, and that the level of voice and low in the phone come to experience weak, also does not guarantee safety phone headset, so the user will have to buy the headset separate.

Software and operating system in the phone Honor 9 lite

Company offers Honor phone Honor 9 Lite with the user interface EMUI 8.0 which is based on the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo, offering API seamless experience and one on the phone, as it supports the user in rapid development, also the user can prolonged pressure on the main button in the start page of the phone to bring the settings menu, which also support customization according to the user’s favorite.

User can also activate the Navigation Dock that runs on the user support trade with that provided in the AssistiveTouch in iOS platform, as well as includes the phone settings other features such as the feature of the night show, with the possibility of improvement in display quality in the screen, the pattern of development in the consumption of the battery, with MirrorShare and printing.


Also available to the user feature to display at full screen with dimensions 18:9 in the case of application support for this feature, also comes phone Honor 9 Lite with some built-in apps that include apps social networking it messenger tweet / Instagram with the, with Google apps, and the Honor, together with the application Health, games, HiCare, also application Phone Manager.

It is estimated that are available to the user a storage capacity of up to 22.85 GB for file storage or new applications of the total storage capacity of the phone to 32 GB.

Camera phone Honor 9 Lite

Comes phone Honor 9 Lite specifications of the cable car is also trying to phone Huawei Nova 2i, where the smartphone includes two cameras front representative of the sensor 13 with the sensor 2 mega pixels, which is the accuracy of the sensors is also possible for the rear, as well as supporting the lenses of the second in camera photography bokeh effects with more precise details.

The camera has a set of features that include a Pro, the pattern of recorded video, or record a professional video, lens with AR, supporting the filming of HDR, and also support the style of panoramic photography, Time-lapse, pattern, photography with filters, along with fees, along with the possibility to download more styles in photography.

The user can choose the quick application of some patterns in the imaging of pattern photography portrait, with the pattern of the aperture wide, and animation.

Also choose the style of photography effects bokeh effects or the pattern of trade in the camera the user will enable the style of portrait in photography the beginning.

Come camera phone Honor 9 Lite with the filming quality is good in day light with more precise details, also show the colors of the images well in general, but some of the images come in a higher concentration of color, also when shooting in low light noise appears remarkably in the pictures.

Also when shooting the front camera the user can choose the style of panoramic photography, or video, or with AR, Time-lapse, or photography with filters, along with all of the styles that have been mentioned previously and supported by the camera front-end, also do not choose the quality of images provided by the camera front of the camera the background, where the images come in low light the performance is poor.

Phone supports Honor 9 Lite recording 1080p video at 30 frames per second, except that the colors in the video recording doesn’t show the tones are normal, also does not support the phone feature to install the camera when shooting video, so any simple movement will appear in the video recording definitely.

Processor customers phone Honor 9 Lite

Featuring phone Honor 9 Lite processor chip HiSilicon Kirin 659, with the disaster screen Mali-T830 MP2, and that random 3 GB RAM, a specification of the offered performance good and smooth with fast response in the main features in phone features like sensors, footprint, launch applications, or development in the phone, with a good experience also in the facial recognition feature.

Also in the gaming experience on the phone including PUBG, for example, the run game comes perform balanced when selecting the settings available for the games, except that the frames drop from time to time, also you will notice the high temperature of the phone while playing games, but they don’t give up on natural.

The quality of the call and the calls in the phone Honor 9 Lite

Phone supports Honor 9 Lite two SIM cards the size of a nano, where it supports both 4G networks, also can support one slot SIM card with a micro-SD card with a capacity of up to 256 GB, also the phone supports Bluetooth and WiFi, with GPS the highest performance, also the phone supports incoming calls with a voice pure and clear.

The battery in the phone Honor 9 Lite

The phone supports a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, which is the medium capacity battery of the phone, it can support a user up to 8 hours and 35 minutes, also kept the battery in the other tests to 9 hours and 40 minutes with video playback when screen brightness by 50%.

It is estimated that it takes charge the phone fully from 0 to 100% for a period of 2 hours, also when you use in the simple tasks of shopping or networking sites can support the phone charging for an hour before the end of the shipping in full.


Can be phone Honor 9 Lite is a good choice for those looking for a premium phone stylish, modern design with an average cost, the phone also comes perform well with fast response, with good support for games and cartoons possible with the highest quality, as come camera perform well in general, but it does not come at the best level when shooting in low light, so if you want to get on the phone trying to Nova 2i but with a lower price, call my Honor 9 Lite is a good choice.



  • Sleek design light weight
  • Good colors show bright
  • Cameras perform well in daylight
  • The performance of smooth and response quick
  • Good price


  • The design of the glass reveals fingerprint
  • Audio level average
  • The performance of a weak camera in photographing in low-light
  • Heat up the phone in the games

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