Review phone Huawei Honor 8x Max


The Huawei issue the phone its Huawei Honor 8x Max with its outstanding and attractive recent high is Phone Huawei has achieved remarkable success in recent periods has become one of the most selling phones in the market .

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Phone Huawei Honor 8x Max is currently available in the market at a price commensurate with the sentence compared to the best quality and his great size and battery fitting so let’s go, let’s more on phone Huawei Honor 8x Max and what sets it apart from the pros and cons and is it worth the purchase or not

  • The specification of the phone is Corning GORILLA 3

  • Shape and design

  • A phone with attractive blue, black and red .
  • The design of the phone looks a lot like an iphone x with minimal changes .
  • For the structure of the device the phone is made of aluminum alloy and glass that makes it more distinctive and stiffness .
  • As for the device from the rear VTOL dual rear camera besides the flash and a fingerprint device at the bottom is the logo of the company .
  • As for the front of the device you’ll find the front camera and there were down there the entire touch-screen big and small .
  • At the top of the device you will find the fish of your calls either at the bottom of the device you will find a way out your USB to charge the device and transfer data to other devices .
  • The right side of the device you will find a button power and button to be patient .
  • As for the left side we find the entrance to the segments of the call and memory card, your .
  • The screen

Feature a screen phone Huawei Honor 8x Max high quality type IPS LCD, the screen size is large 7.12 inches as to its accuracy ranging 2244 x 1080 there is also a good feature of the network is that it supports multi-touch .

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As for the brightness of the screen, it is precise clear and you can see the screen clearly in the light of the sun and in the dim lights .

Given the nature of protection are available the phone with the protection of Corning GORILLA 3 to protect from shocks and scratches .

  • The camera

Features Phone Huawei Honor 8x Max has a great camera and park camera rear double the first 16 mega pixel camera and the second 2 mega pixel camera with varying the aperture, and next to it The Flash so you can capture the most beautiful images in daylight and take pictures clear and also at night and features the camera also it supports the HR supports the 3D wallpaper Qmoji .

The resolution of the camera in filming the video brilliant and high resolution 1080p supports shoot videos in Slow Motion .

As for the front facing camera contains front camera accurately 8 mega pixels and can shoot videos at 720p .

  • Battery

  • Phone Battery Type Li-ion can’t be removed but it supports fast charging technology .
  • As to the battery capacity ranging from 5000 mAh and good .
  • The performance of the phone Huawei Honor 8x Max

Features Phone Huawei Honor 8x Max presence of the powerful processor is a high possibility of a SDM636 Snapdragon as the device doesn’t learn when you download apps or move between the app and the other you can also through the processor of the device to deal with heavy games .

Phone Huawei Honor 8x Max supports the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo .

With regard to the temperature of the device they are good and don’t wear .

  • Features Phone Huawei Honor 8x Max

  • The device screen is large and clear you can watch the most beautiful videos .
  • Space the device very suitable for its price .
  • Phone Huawei Honor 8x Max has a powerful processor too and a great performance of the device .
  • The machine by the entrance for the installation of SIM and also the memory of the Mimosa .
  • You can run the fm radio wherever you are
  • Camera phone is the resolution very high
  • The design of the device is attractive and distinctive from the rest of the smart phones
  • The price of the device contrasted with all the accessories for less wonderful
  • The phone supports fast charging and a powerful battery with a capacity of 5000 amp
  • Device protection layer of the type Corning GORILLA 3
  • Defects of the phone is Corning GORILLA 3

  • There are minor flaws in the device which is
  • The rear camera does not support shooting any videos 4k
  • The front camera is less than 8x

Review phone Huawei Honor 8x Max

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