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Provided company LG recently phone its new flagship V30 plus, which is supposed to provide the experience of sound and picture excellent with adapter DAC high-quality and Lens Wide. It differs only with phone LG V30 in terms of storage capacity where comes phone V30 an internal memory of 64 GB the phone V30 plus comes with the internal memory of 128 GB.

Basic specifications:

  • The screen of quad-HD+ Full Vision compared to 6 inches
  • Support HDR 10
  • Snapdragon processor 835 powered memory random 4 GB
  • Internal memory as 128 GB with support for external
  • Adapter Quad-DAC
  • Headphones B&O
  • Android system 7.1.2
  • Video recording Log
  • The coordinates of the 7×75.4×7.3 mm
  • Battery 3300 mAh with wireless charging feature
  • The standard of IP68 for resistance to water and dust
  • Color options: black, blue, silver and purple.


LG V30 plus

Have a phone V30 plus best designed phone made by LG, which is the perfect combination of metal and Glass high quality with the support for the edges of the curve. And like most of the leading mobile phone in 2017 has been reduced dialogue surrounding the cell phone’s screen V30 plus, it features the pillars of the circular of the company, but not like the Samsung Galaxy S8; what means that the phone is slightly wider but it’s easy pregnancy and constipation, despite of screen size 6 inch. The phone is lightweight, and when you click on the back sounds like you had a flat tire.

The phone is waterproof and dust resistant standard IP68, which comes with a port Earphone 3.5 mm in the upper part, a fingerprint scanner on the back below the camera which works also as a button to open the phone.

The screen


Phone LG V30 Plus is the first phone from LG comes with a OLED rather than LCD, although LG makes some of the best OLED screens for TVs, but the screen of this phone is good but not enough. Provides the accuracy of quad-HD pixel resolution of are difficult to observe, except that the colors seem dull sometimes, it is difficult to share content HDR/Dolby Vision on Netflix for being too dark. Also, the viewing angles are weak, where it appears a slight blue tint when you tilt the device.


Been extended Screen Phone LG V30 to staff reducing the size of the aquarium and make the phone features coordinates 18:9 compared to the coordinates of the traditional 16:9. The screen panel is longer what makes them excellent reading and multi-task; but not the same quality in a video.


Outperform phone in terms of performance, it combines Snapdragon processor 835 with 4 GB RAM offers fast performance. In the work without losing frames, nor is there any apps on Google store for apps could cause problem for the phone.

Received phone LG V30 in the scale of Geekbench 4 on 1909 points in the choice of single-core و6300 point in the selection of multi-core, and they are similar for Android phones with a processor Snapdragon 835.power button


More what distinguishes this phone in terms of performance is the sound, where he kept the LG port headphones traditional the adapter, Hi-Fi, Quad DAC, with headphones, B&O in the enclosure. Helps Converter Quad DAC to improve the sound quality significantly, and add in that even Samsung phones and iPhone. Even without the use of headphones expensive the phone offers a distinctive sound, where the management of the sounds with low frequencies well, there are a lot of details seems very clear sound.

But unfortunately, the speakers don’t give you the same image resolution, in addition to his presence at the bottom makes easy mute if you’re watching a video.

Phone LG V30 plus comes with the internal memory of 128 GB with a place to buy a microSD slot that supports up to 256 GB, Bluetooth 5.0 with excellent performance for wifi. The connection quality is good, and the microphones, with noise insulation is good for blocking external interference.

The system


Improved systems provided by LG so much through the years, but they still think of women the least interesting of the Android system. Where we find that the icons are cartoon-like, fairly basic applications very primitive and the Settings panel is filled directly in multiple options. In addition, the device comes running Android 8.0, but it offers Android 7.1.1.

But LG added some modifications such as the choice of app scaling, which says to increase the volume of non-compliant applications are the coordinates of the new screen, there lay Comfort, which reduces the scanning light blue; also you can modify the screen resolution to increase the battery life.

There is a floating bar offers you the access to the jurisdiction and control music from any place; in addition there is a feature to display the Permanent.

The camera


The phone comes with a camera background of the double glass lens 16-megapixel girl Lens f/1.6 Lens Wide-Angle 13-megapixel camera, which gives images a bright, sharp with low noise in all situations but they are not colorful like the photo, which gives its phones the competition.

But most of the photos taken on the phone look excellent, as the lens allows wide-angle to enter the lighting over the sensor prevents the image Soft the impact of background blur without the use of any additional conditions.

Also the phone gives good pictures in low light, with dynamic range is good; but the contrast between the most bright and dark so not very clear as other phones.

Secondary camera 13-megapixel boasts the presence of optical image stabilizer, which comes languidly Lens f/1.9.

Battery life

The phone has a battery of 3300 mAh can not be replaced, which could last for a full day of full use; but this is difficult during high-use.

The phone comes with a rapid charging standard of Qi, charging a traditional cable charging USB-C.

The camera supports a resolution of 4K, what makes it able to capture video clips of maintenance LOG, you can modify the colors on the phone.

Although the nurses of the former only that the phone has a front camera weak 5 megapixel camera.


This topic review phone LG V30 appeared on Engadget.

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