Review phone Nokia 8 Sirocco

Ask the company HMD Royal brand Nokia piece phones phone Nokia 8 Sirocco which depends update phone Nokia 8 that we reviewed earlier , and in this review we highlighted the features of the phone and disadvantages.


From the first look of the phone gives a character of luxury and that Phone of phones category upper background glass and the edges are sharp and curved the parties , the How come the edges of the phone buttons lifting and lowering the audio button to open the lock without the protrusion in line with the extent of the parties.

The glass user in the phone is the Gorilla Glass 5 and knowledge about glass , it’s subject to fracture due to any fall even if it was standards high .

Needs phone on a separate USB-C for the headphones down and dispensed from separate images.

The screen

Comes phone screen curved parties $ 5.5 the creation of the type of pOLED accurately QHD is fantastic from the hand of brightness and accuracy and I am having a problem with it from this side , the But the parties of the curve and I think its a problem especially during the design because of the intervention of the palm of the hand touch and this problem was present with a phone company, Samsung s 6 edge and easing the curvature of the screen in version other.


The phone depends of the category top and also a processor customized for a category higher , but by 2017 with that phone was released in the year 2018 , the The phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 835 with memory random 6 GB memory internal 128 GB , and why I’m having problems quickly phone or while opening apps or even the experience of some games, the phone offers performance great .

Battery health

The battery of the phone is not subject of the dispute comes with a capacity of 3260 Miele amp support shipping wireless and through my experience of the phone by using the average – to – high – able to withstand the day ‘s work complete without any problems as it supports the Phone Technology shipping Fast.

Either of the hand image which is one of the actresses in this phone, right to the phone speakers sound lonely down there, but it does not still provide the experience of a very great , How come the phone with OZO health three balers voice to record the sound of my surroundings 360 degrees during the filming of the video.

The camera

The development of the camera phone in conjunction with the company ZEISS , which is not cooperation first between the two companies has made the company a lot of phones in collaboration with ZEISS in the sixth before the takeover company HMD on the train Nokia phones and still this The partnership is stable.

Comes Phone Camera, the background accurately . 12, 13 MP one for the mono white and black and the other for the colored so that they are integrating the photo for the best result , and as the camera front it accurately 5 megapixels.

Application camera offers several advantages including the position of the imaging dual that enables you to of photography using the camera front and rear and take a picture launched upon the company’s photography Booth on the lines of the filming of my predecessor as well as a feature to export the backup

These are some of the results of imaging with a camera phone:

The system

Comes phone running Android 8.1 The phone under the project Android Wen is backed by the company Google in order to send the latest updates to the aerodynamic of the phone in directly as that phone supports the possibility to run the systems Android under the trade like the system of Android next Android P


I like the phone the feel of luxury and the size of the phone as well as support the phone from the hand updates , the And I like that the phone has been launched in the year 2018 and see that it is appropriate for the year of 2017 as to the price high where it reaches 2400 SAR SAR

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