Review Phone Oppo Reno 10x Zoom: specifications of the nurses clinic and the reason

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Review Phone Oppo Reno 10x Zoom: specifications representative of the defects and the reason

Managed company Oppo in drawing attention not through 2018, when she launched her smart phone Find the X innovative, and since then the company has the Chinese in a few other phones attractive including the disclosure series phones Renault which includes the first phone that supports 5G technology in addition to a number of low-cost handsets, and today we use her phone, the new flagship of the Reno 10x Zoom, which has many advantages that make it plunge away from his rivals, there is a screen free of cracks and camera three in the back with a camera zoom in/ out Minimize to resemble a brick to the side of the front camera popup from the top edge, and during the article, we review phone Reno 10x Zoom in addition to the main advantages and disadvantages and whether it is worth buying?


Reno 10x Zoom


Over the past two years the company has succeeded OBO renew the design of your hobby its smart to keep abreast of modern trends, the telephone Reno 10x Zoom comes in glass design and structure of stylish metal with curved glass of the aquarium background and dominate the article.

It is the backend find that the rear camera there is no protrusion where the camera three the lens and the bottom of the rear glass, however the phone Reno 10x Zoom thick relatively more than 9 mm and it is thicker than the iPhone XS Max or even OnePlus 7 Pro significantly.

It is a front-end succeeded OBO get rid of the screen flukes and extrusion of the upper spam and replaced it with front and back cameras pop up from the top edge.

The screen

Reno 10x Zoom

The screen

Phone Reno 10x Zoom screen size 6.6 inch 1080 at 2340 pixels, and with the use of the screen of the AMOLED, the colors are accurate and vivid with the ratio of height to width of 19.5:9.

As is the case in most of the Android phones modern you can adjust your screen according to your preferences.

The operating system and user interface

In previous years there was a constant criticism to one of the Oppo that is substantially similar to the operating system iOS Apple which seems strange for a phone that works basically with Android operating system and they have succeeded in the development encountered in the telephone Reno 10x Zoom better.

Brought Oppo the number of features in its smartphone the most important of which Clone app which allows you to install two versions of the same app so you can access the two different accounts separately.

Performance and battery

Unlike phones, the Oppo the older the phone the Reno 10x Zoom is real flagship of the company until now thanks to the internal specifications which include Snapdragon processor 855 with random access memory either 6 or 8 GB RAM in accordance with the version of choice, and that means you won’t find any obstacles with multitasking or playing games that contain graphics high.

Comes phone Reno 10x Zoom fitted with a sensor built with a screen with a many improvements to make it not only faster in the recording of the footprint even more secure.

One of the most important advantages enjoyed by the phone is having a huge battery with a capacity of 4.065 Ma/h with support fast charging technology which you can charge the phone fully in just 35 minutes.

The camera

Reno 10x Zoom

The camera

Phone needs Reno 10x Zoom on the rear camera, three-lens first thoroughly 48 italics and the second with 8 test and the second accurately 13 megapixel, and the most important what distinguishes the phone’s camera having a telescopic lens provided zoom is impressive without adding thickness to the body of the phone, the phone has a front camera accurately 16 Test.

Is it worth buying?

There are a lot of specifications possible and attractive in the telephone Reno 10x Zoom including design and front camera pop-up with the capabilities of the rear camera, and long battery life with a great twist in the user interface which comes with many improvements, and the SPV up to you in the end.


  1. Screen is free of dialogue.
  2. Long battery life.
  3. Performance premium camera.
  4. Zoom up to 10x.

The clinic

  1. Software still need improvements.
  2. Charging VOOC is not the fastest of the Oppo.
  3. Does not support wireless charging or a guarantee against dust and water.
  4. The phone is thick on the rivals.

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