Review Polar Vantage V: H the hands of smart, professional athletes only !

مراجعة Polar Vantage V: ساعة يد ذكية، للرياضيين المحترفين فقط !review Polar Vantage V: H the hands of smart, professional athletes only !

Increasingly available options in front of us are looking for intelligent wristwatch day after day, and the company has several major competition gradually. While offering the usual options from Apple, Samsung and other electronics companies big bouquet of properties converged, the former of which we choose in this article, the Vantage V of the company’s Polar that specialized in accessories, electronics, sports, are quite different from those options, they hours intended exclusively for professional athletes only.

Elaborate design and display screen high quality

Come the hour Vantage V design is similar to what I think his wristwatch smart, but lots and lots of workmanship and quality services. Design lines international sport to the extent and wrist strap rubber luxury to resist sweating and other external factors on the exercise. Large screen display high definition and 5 the side buttons for the functions of the former design excellence in this arena and make it a little different from others.

مراجعة Polar Vantage V: ساعة يد ذكية، للرياضيين المحترفين فقط !

Functions operating system: only for professional athletes

Work Polar Vantage V running a private network which is not compatible with the usual applications for operating systems of smart watches is widespread. Here lies the home of the real difference in this hour the operation is simple and straightforward and is structured entirely around private sports advanced VI.

Designed to Polar this hour to be a logical choice alone professional athletes, and provided them a package of integrated systems and the Salvation which that this category of users. You will get with hours Vantage V on the properties of highly advanced based on the research of the company in this area include a system for calculating the loads that you put exercise on the parts of the body different, and can also account and track come the flesh from the extreme sports and the user time to return to exercise.

The content of my jog and marathon triple can take advantage of the special technique of the development of the Polar can calculate the loads of training daily which take into account not only distance traveled, heart rate, calories, but also speed of movement and rate of Rise and fall during the war to calculate the kidney that controls the player and help him to increase this gradually depending on the goal you want to reach.

Can former follow all forms of sport including swimming and synchronized with a special application to the police on the mobile phone to download through it on the charts indicate the rate of improvement of all measurements of the former.

It is worth mentioning here that the former does not only offer a very limited number of properties of traditional smart is in the notifications for calls and messages received and other through synchronization with the phone without any smart functions even though the screen of the digital display of the large operating system which looks like will be a lot of apps and salvation.

The bottom line

Aggregating the official price for the Vantage V $ 500, and if you’re not a professional sports or care about him severely and exercised on a daily basis permanent, unlike premium materials there is no justification for a logical one to buy this watch.

If you are a professional runner, or other athlete of any kind, looking for a mathematical tool that help you to use technology in the best image to improve your sport and follow it instead of traditional means to be beyond time soon, this is the appropriate choice.

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