Review scanner Perfection V19 Epson

Made Epson a wide range of scanners for pages or documents, but it seems that the scanner Perfection V19 thinks is optimal among all the scanners provided by the company.

Device comes Perfection V19 at a price of $ 69, which is considered the least price for the company, as it is only suitable for scanning photographic prints scanned in addition to one or two pages of documents.

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Scanner provides Perfection V19-built survey and participate with ease, you can scan photos or documents scanned, as it provides accuracy with 4800 x 4800 dpi and speeds maximum.

That measures V19 about 1.5 x 9.9 x 14.4 inches and weighs 3 pounds, which works via USB, just install the system and connect the scanner to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

You can put the scanner either flat on your desk, or take advantage of the kickstand built-in, which lets it sit at an angle on your desktop and occupy less space.

The device contains patched images built-in auto, which assesses digital images and correct them automatically, and includes also a sophisticated technique for facial recognition, which ensures a degree of natural and beautiful color.

Comes V19 without any essential apps, allowing you to rely on web sites like Evernote, downloads free Miscellaneous functions much like organize photos, edit and manage documents, files and scan your.

As required by the system in Annex two of the auxiliary facilities for the examination, namely; the tool version (Copy) or drivers Twain and WIA, which allows you to scan directly from any Windows almost using is scan and Easy Photo Scan, which provides some tools and options for basic image editing to send the scans your to a range of destinations.

Require utility Epson Scan Twain driver so you can use it directly without the need to give the command to scan from within the program. Furthermore, the tool PDF scanning PDF files through the settings that lets you choose image or PDF format (sPDF) searchable. You can also add additional pages by selecting the Scan button in the utility for each page, then finish by selecting the Finish button the utility to save the file on the disk.

Specifications scanner Perfection V19 from Epson

  • Optical resolution: 4800 dpi
  • Device resolution: 4800 x 4800 dpi
  • Color depth: 48 bits per pixel internal / 24-bit per pixel external
  • Color depth grayscale: 16 bits per pixel internal / 8-bits per pixel external
  • Optical sensor: CIS
  • Of effective pixels: 40800 x 56160 pixels (4800 dpi)
  • Scanning speed: 300 dpi about 10 seconds (via USB 2.0) / 600 dpi in about 30 seconds (via USB 2.0)
  • Optical density: CIS


If you want to scan images is smooth and easy without the need to output formatted text editable, the flatbed scanner Epson Perfection V19 very appropriate.



  • High-quality images
  • Status fully automatic for ease of scanning
  • Allows to choose image or PDF format (sPDF) searchable


  • There is no way to clear the text editable
  • With no apps installed

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