Review server network storage Synology DS218+

Devices, network storage, called NAS which is an acronym for Network Attached Storage Servers dedicated to small businesses or personal use at home or work multiple models featuring the company synology its specialization in this area, and one of these models is DS218+ who use its features in this article

The method of preparing the server network is very easy, after installation of the storage units and connecting the device to the network you can access the website to access the device and the settings are simple, such as establishing a user name and the installation of the operating system.

A networked storage device DS218+ depends setups for home use or for small businesses is not different operating system than the other, on the one hand the design of the device and its contents, he shaped the fund by the same plastic lid and behind the lid and two storage HDD or SSD easy to install. Characterized by the fact of adding The LED to know the status of the device during operation, and a button for automatic button operation and USB 3.0, and the back fan and two USB3.0 port, Ethernet port, SATA port and power.

Case technology comes a networked storage device dual-core processor speed 2.0 GHz and memory random 2 GB of type DDR3L expandable up to 6 GB.

At the present time a lot of people are facing the problem in the loss of files due to using more than one computer, and moved with his unit to the external storage may not able to browse files remotely, perhaps use one of the devices, network storage is one of the solutions for your files whether you’re out of the office or home by accessing the files through the browser or through the mobile apps of your device, as well as can raise your files from any computer, work it into a networked storage device, and you can also back up sewing the files for Mac and Windows via a property Directory Backup, As well as you can take a complete copy of the unit of foreign affairs, using the copy button prompt on a networked storage device.

Also some of the problems faced by many people are not enough phone memory for images and, of course, can’t delete old memories for new images, some users resort to external storage or cloud service public to save their image, but they lead to scatter them randomly and it is very difficult to manage, this is in addition to the problem of privacy. The device that we use provides a cloud service via the use of application synology moments on Android and IOS to backup your photos automatically, as the device enables you to modify the settings so that taking the backup in the case of connecting the device to a Wifi network to use the data plan of the user, the app will show photos Arrange By date or place or people and other classifications using artificial intelligence to get to your photos faster.

Among the great apps for this device is the application of the Synology Drive through which you can access on all of your files saved on a networked storage device by the phone or PC or using a browser or File Explorer, as you can using this app to share files with other users and determine their authority in the adjustment or read-only, as the app provides pack office text editing and spreadsheets and presentations and is compatible with Microsoft Office software, also provides application protection for all the files and restore lost files. Also among the nurses you can make a server networked entertainment platform for the home, especially that it supports the broadcast of a 4K video if your playback device supports .


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