Review: Sony Xperia 1 — the most unusual smartphone

Sony have always gone their own special way. They proposed market solutions to which they did not offer one. In many respects this may explain the latest novelties presented by the brand. Today we will talk about the flagship, which will not go in any one frame. Especially the length.

The smartphone is called Sony Xperia 1, was introduced at the MWC 2019 and headed lineup of smartphones this year. Let me remind you, it includes models of Xperia 10 and Xperia L3.

The first impression a smartphone was akin to slight bewilderment. I have the feeling that you gave the TV remote. You need to understand how this remote to use it.

Over time, the confusion goes away and you even begin to understand why the need for such a screen. And maybe just trying to justify it, to put it mildly, unusual solution.

The package and appearance

  • Sony Xperia 1
  • charging cable USB Type-C to USB Type-S
  • power adapter 18W
  • headphone adapter

The kit is not rich, but as I usually say, sufficient for normal use.

Headphones are not included, but if you buy this smartphone until 7 July, as a gift will be given headphones WH-1000XM3, which is one of the best options available regarding full-size headphones with excellent noise reduction system. We can say that the gift does not justify the cost of the smartphone, but the bonus is still more than pleasant.

The main features of the appearance include a large number of buttons on the side. On the one hand, the disadvantage is difficult to call, but on the other it will greatly hinder, if you will need to install the smartphone stabilizer, DJI Mobile like Osmo or similar.

On the case have kept the start button of the camera. Many argue about its reasonableness and necessity, but personally, I think that it is convenient. I especially like her half-pressed, as in conventional cameras. This allows you to lock the focus and exposure and then take the picture.

Tray for SIM-card is pulled out, as it was previously, without the use of staples and other fine items. Enough to pick up the tray with your fingernail and pull. There is also a slot for memory card, from which many manufacturers actively have started to withdraw.

The smartphone is available in four colors. It is traditional for Sony for already not one generation of models. Choose from black, gray, purple and white.

Distinctive features

The above particulars, and to some extent transferred from one smartphone to another, but an elongated body — it is the peculiarity of the Sony Xperia 1.

The screen has aspect ratio 21:9. This is the old cine format, in which even produced some TV’s, but widespread this direction have not yet received. However, Sony decided to continue experimenting with the look of their smartphones and released such a device.

Because of (or thanks to) this, the smartphone was very long, and you probably already saw it on the news and reviews and just photos/videos on the Internet. I will only add that in life it is longer than it looks in pictures and promotional materials.

This body shape has a number of significant advantages, and we’ll talk a little closer to the end of this article, but it should be noted that when you put a smartphone in his pocket, he lies there a little bit crowded. For example, from the back pocket of Levi’s 501, it protrudes at least 2 cm. If you put it in the front pocket, sometimes he even bothers to take. But in the side pockets of the shorts he unfolds across the pocket. Never loved.

This can be called the main drawback of the smartphone, but at the same time his dignity. He retained the individuality inherent in the Sony smartphones, although it started to lose lately. Now she’s back again, and the smartphone will definitely attract attention, especially against the backdrop of modern equal rectangles with an aspect ratio of 18:9.

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Pro-screen Sony Xperia 1 we can say that it is not just unique, but unique in its kind. First, it has a 4K resolution. At a diagonal of 6.5 inches this allows him to reach just unrealistic level of clarity. Sometimes, it even prevents eyes, by definition of this definition.

Secondly, it is OLED display. Technology, of course, on the fan, but unlike some other smartphones, he’s very calm and not trying to impress you with its over-saturation of colors.

Largely this is to thank the work undertaken by the company’s engineers when working on this matrix and its setting. In the end, the screen supports desyatiballnoy color reproduction, HDR, and configured as professional monitors for color correction. Let me remind you, Sony won’t be the last player, and certain practices they have.

If you omit the above details, we can say that the screen Xperia 1 very nice, reasonably bright and has the saturation, about which we can say ”no more and no less than necessary.”


Modern smartphones, even if they are not equipped with flagship chips have a very high level of performance. When we talk about devices with top-end hardware, to talk about performance in General as-that is indecent. In the end, you’re just wasting your time dear reader. It remains only to briefly list them and you can go further,

For performance Sony Xperia Snapdragon 1 replies 855, 6 GB of RAM, and for data storage provides 128 GB of internal memory. On the one hand, 6 GB of RAM for Sony is a step forward, but 128 GB of memory is too small for a modern smartphone for the money. But there is a possibility of installing a memory card with up to 512 GB.

Performance 1 Xperia even enough for image processing and streaming of the conversion to 4K HDR. It is a special system. As well as for optimizing games. When I tried to play on this phone I have not encountered any problems.

Separately, you can say that the Xperia 1 is literally made for games because of its screen. Its form allows for maximum comfortable to hold the smartphone and not to close it in the gameplay. Games like Fortnight and PUBG literally redefines the when you take this smartphone in your hand and start to play. It is a pity that there are not so many games that are optimized for this screen resolution. Only good news is that Android does not build obstacles in the way of the developers and if they want to, they should be able to quickly optimize their games for this format.

Sound and effects

Sony true to itself in advancing technology, a stronger presence. Xperia 1, like previous models, can transmit vibration into the hands. It happens at a time when the smartphone plays a sound with a sharp bursts, like explosions and the like. I couldn’t decide if I like this technology, but occasionally use it.

A far greater emphasis on the presentation of the smartphone made its sound capabilities. Dolby Atmos, designed for cinemas, allows you to transfer more surround sound. Not to say that it does sound fantastic, but do significantly improve it. This is especially noticeable in conjunction with Sony branded headphones WH-1000XM3. Not for nothing Moscow on the presentation they were exposed next to each mobile — together they make a really nice bunch.

There is a feeling that, when the company released this smartphone, it is like a marathon runner at the finish line tried to throw everything forward, they have strained all entities agreed with all partners and implemented in the camera everything that they have.


Camera Sony Xperia 1 represents the module, which can be very long, listing its characteristics. I will not do that and just tell you how the camera and talk about those features that Sony implemented the camera.

The fact that Sony is a leader in the field of sensors for smartphones — it’s no secret — and the availability of its modules in almost all modern flagships is another proof of that.

Modules in camera three. The first is doing wide angle shots with a focal length of 16 mm, the second is responsible for the normal pictures (26 mm), and the third allows you to achieve analogue two-fold optical zoom (52 mm). All three modules have a resolution of 12 MP. Due to the large sensor size, in contrast to models with a resolution of 48 Megapixels, the amount of noise is minimized, although the module provides increased, you can find them. Perhaps it the lack of intensity with such optics.

In General, noise is significantly less than it could be, if not applied image processing at the RAW level. A smartphone struggle with noise processing ready jpeg files. Xperia 1 handles uncompressed RAW, which are then converted in the usual jpeg.

The camera has a built-in memory for recording verzameling video with a frequency of 960 frames per second. And to stabilize the normal provided by the hybrid system of stabilization, which really works.

In addition, for lovers of the art rollers have a special application, developed together with engineers of the division of professional cameras, the CineAlta. It allows you to use popular presets, which will make the picture like when shooting on relevant professional camera, facing far more than a thousand dollars.

The originals can be downloaded at this link

Price and the advantages of the smartphone

To tell the price of this smartphone immediately — means to alienate the reader from the overview and force it to close the article ahead of time. Therefore, this information I have saved for the last. For Sony Xperia 1 please 79990 rubles.

I fully agree that the cost is a bit too far, but I’m willing to protect this smartphone. At least, this is the first smartphone in a long time, which has caused me no duty interest in technology in General, and the desire as quickly as possible to meet him.

When I started to use it, at first I felt a bit uncomfortable but then I realized that it’s really interesting and even began to use the regime of multitasking, which used very rarely. On the display 18:9 and especially 16:9 is to do a very uncomfortable.

I agree that the price could be lower but with technology and image point of view, the smartphone is really cool. Above I cited the example of the marathon runner. This applies not only to cameras, but for the entire mobile as a whole. The company has previously issued a strong emphasis on the screens and the camera, but now it is clear that this time she tried even more and have invested in this device everything.

If you are interested, now is the time to think about buying it. As long as it’s paired with give headphones, it is a very attractive device. When the promotion ends, it will be a good, but expensive smartphone. Now is a good smartphone, a significant part of which discourage the cost of the headphones.

Now is the time to discuss this smartphone in our Telegram chat. There are already waiting for your opinion, I’m sure!

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