Review the specifications and price of the two phones Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A70: which is worth buying

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Review the specifications and price of the two phones Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A70: which is worth buying

Samsung recently updated series phones A Own launched a number of new phones; telephone A80 the flagship camera of the rotary phone A70 with a huge screen and to the side of the A50, A40 and A20e, we focus in our article on the two phones Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 and compare the similarities and differences between them.

Each of the two phones Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 is the same size as the screen, type in addition to the display resolution offered by the screen, as the two phones in design glass front and elegant with a metal frame and a fingerprint reader built the network and the Random Access Memory 8 GB RAM and 128 memory, internal storage, and are running the same, let’s explore the differences between the two phones.


Galaxy A70 ، Galaxy A80


Need Phone Galaxy A80 on the screen covering most of the front end of the phone without protrusion of the upper where it became possible thanks to the camera triple roller which slide automatically and to put a personal picture so when you press the button the image profile in the camera application.

The Galaxy A70 Vita features design traditional with bump top the size of a drop of water in the upper part of the screen houses the front camera and the rear there are three cameras, the background in the top left corner, the phone features design standard, while the Galaxy A80 design sliding.

The screen

Although the size and resolution of the screen in the two phones Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 considered identical except that the display itself is different, where the Galaxy A80 on the full screen without the protrusion and the name of the New Infinity.

At the same time there is a small bump in the screen of the Galaxy A70 in the middle allowing the presence of the front camera and the Samsung name screen Infinity U you can still get full screen.


Similar to the size of both phones is almost in except for the sky where the Galaxy A80 is significantly thicker than the Galaxy A70 while the Galaxy A70 small and light and its dimensions 164.3 in 76.7 7.9 the Galaxy A80-ftpd dimensions 165.2 76.5 9.3 mm.

The camera

Galaxy A70 ، Galaxy A80

Camera phone Galaxy A80

Need Phone Galaxy A80 on the same camera in the back and forth due to the technique of rotation adopted by Samsung which means you’ll get the same specifications and features in the front and rear being the same camera the camera comes lens the first Strictly 48 respect the second accurately 8 megapixel, and the second is a depth camera to three-dimensional.

While the Galaxy A70 camera triple lens from the rear to accurately 32/5/8 megapixel and the other front accurately 32 respect.


Need Phone Galaxy A80 on a smaller battery than the Galaxy A70 though it provides many smart features so smart artificial to reduce power consumption with Quick Charger 25 watt, features Galaxy A70 on a huge battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh and also features the advantage of rapid charging, but it lacks wireless charging which the Galaxy A80 which comes with a battery with a capacity of 3700 mAh.


Need Phone Galaxy A80 processor more advanced for a phone Galaxy A70, so it is likely that this will be the phone faster and more powerful because the Galaxy A80 processor Snapdragon 730 while the Galaxy A70 processor Snapdragon 675.

Specifications internal

Not the Galaxy A80 headphone port traditional and does not support external memory cards it is also available with one offers to the user 8 GB RAM random access memory and 128 GB memory internal storage.

At the same time, enjoy the Samsung Galaxy A70 port headphones traditional along with two models the first is a size 6 GB RAM and the second of size 8 GB RAM memory internal storage 128 GB with support for external memory cards to 512 GB.


The price of the Galaxy A80 approximately 725 dollars, while the price of the Galaxy A70 approximately $ 375.

Is it worth buying?

Whichever is worth the purchase

Depends phone Galaxy A80 undoubtedly the most spectacular in terms of design but it may not be my favorite, but the phone has some good specs including a processor, a sophisticated, full screen without protrusions, the camera three of the rotor, while the Galaxy A70 large screen and huge battery with support for external memory cards and the headphones features processor good also and is Cheaper Than the Samsung Galaxy A80 and the SPV up to you in the end.

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