Reviews-Google Maps now supports keyword search

مراجعات خرائط قوقل تدعم الآن البحث عن الكلمات الرئيسية

The list includes Google Maps simple information about the location, there is no doubt that the revisions can really help you identify what place, now and in the new update Maps Google on Android and iOS you can examine these reviews more closely, where when you open the comments you will see a new search bar will support filter reviews the keywords that you choose.

Once you open a new tab, it will appear the search box above checklist, and will update the checklist during writing, with the removal of items that do not match your inquiry, without also sorting options are still available when searching, so you will be able to organize the results by the newest and most useful thus.

For example with this new support you can use it to look up information about specific foods talked about people in the reviews of restaurants, or see if anyone defends from somewhere, finally, and as noted previously this option is only available on the maps app on Android and iOS and cannot use it currently on the web.

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