“Revo mix”: a Kuwaiti company startup seeks to design extensions for the innovative mobile phones

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In spite of the prosperity of large sectors of entrepreneurship in the Arab region recently, however, we are still looking for startups in the field of manufacturing and production, and rarely find it. The company was founded “Revo mix – RevoMech” 2016 received funding from the Kuwait Fund for development the company aims to develop extensions, accessories and innovative electronic devices.

Products are designed to have “Revo mix” in full by a young Kuwaiti-based company, is manufacturing the products in China. But what drew my attention to company is that they are already trying to provide something new doesn’t stop at just offering traditional products, such as screen protectors and casings to protect the phones, carry its brand only.

The company got the patent registered for the products MuV One, which is a pen that works with touch screens for mobile phones and tablets, but it performs the assessment of the mechanism of mechanical interactive and give the user a sense of the push of the pen on the screen is what allows him to also control and better accuracy using the stylus on the touch screen.

The company succeeded also in the recording of product ION Cable from cables shipping and delivery in the Register of compliant products of devices “Apple” to obtain a license MFi License.

You experience products the company’s innovative, pen MuV One, the cover save iPhone Damon X1, protective screen and back for iPhone Nano 360, summarises the following points of my impressions about the company’s products:

  • Bucked the traditional products such as screen protector and casing the phone my expectations, as predicted by the symmetric products of traditional Chinese-like. But the reality was different, where all bearing the touch of Engineering you care to detail; a protective screen and back of the device was manufactured from the ores carry texture similar to the glass is what makes the movement of the finger it’s comfortable and similar to the screen of the phone, as it does not cause very easily as is general with such raw glass, and also comes accompanied by a piece of plastic make the adjust to put too easy.
  • The cover of Save iPhone traditional, but the structure of the strong make him very Talk page and carefully cut to fit the dimensions of the phone which is a common problem faced by many with the products of new companies on that market.

  • Offers pen and multi-touch MuV One structure of the metal extremely high quality, the mechanism is Mechanical, that make you feel the push of the pen on the screen to hear the sound of it impressed me, also that the pencil comes accompanied with a small leather can be glued to the phone or tablet to function as Holder to meet the device that you are using with it, a touch simple but clever.
  • Spent the organizers of the “Revo mix” on the packaging of products, which is what seems clear from the raw packaging, but unfortunately the design encapsulates these products, as well as design publications inside of her does not rise never to the level of the products themselves, but on the contrary detracts from the value by a lot, preferably in conveying the image of being honest about the value of the product itself. Miss the publications, provided the product warranty card for everyone, and missing the further detailed explanation of the clear to use the product as well as for the installation of the screen protector.

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