Rich Nov for 2Miners: run Nervos, a five-time award of ETH and hardwork XMR

The end of autumn, according to tradition was rich for mining-pool 2Miners. The most outstanding events were the launch of cryptocurrency Nervos and hardwork Monero XMR. Team 2Miners also released an official statement about the use of proxies in the production of currency, and miners of the pool was lucky to get five times the rewards for the block in the Ethereum network.

The contents

Start mannata Nervos CKB

Nervos Network — blockchain ecosystem with open source. This is one of the most anticipated projects this year, as it is very thoroughly approached the startup process and even put together financing from investors from around the world. Mannet Nervos launched on 16 November 2019, the algorithm of mining — Eaglesong. The reward for the block is dynamic. Every mining-era it is changing from 1527 1115 on CKB.

Nervos CKB. Source: 2Биткоина

Mine Nervos CKB on the bullet 2Miners in PPLNS and SOLO.

The algorithm Eaglesong is still not a supported platform NiceHash. To calculate the profitability of mining Nervos CKB by using the calculator 2CryptoCalc.

Thanks to the efforts of the marketing team Nervos token CKB is supported by many cryptocurrency exchanges. For mining Nervos CKB need to generate address of the wallet on a suitable platform. It can be BitForex, Hotbit and MXC. We urge you to read “As mine Nervos CKB? Especially coins, create a wallet and configure the miner”.

Hardwork Monero XMR

Hardwork Monero XMR waited for all the miners. As stated by the developers, the network of cryptocurrency has suffered from the invasion of ASIC and FPGA. So they wanted to get rid of them and protect owners of graphics cards and processors, plus the latest dig XMR.

On topic: RandomX for Monero. How does the new algorithm of mining and what are its characteristics.

Monero XMR. Source: 2Биткоина

Hardwork was successfully held on the block 1978433. Join the Monero mining pool XMR on 2Miners.

Address of wallets with long payment IDs are no longer supported. Now they are disabled. Mine Monero XMR recommend using the XMR-STAK. Settings. bat file is in this materialand to download the program will archive the link. Password — 2miners.

Update of software for the gcd and zcash for Ethereum

Pool zcash for ZEC updated to the latest version of the software nod. Now 2Miners pool ready for the hard forks Blossom.

Acne Buterin. Source: 2Биткоина

Also all nodes Ethereum updated to the latest version of the Geth v1.9.8 (Thessian Temple). Complete list of new features — the link.

Five times the reward for the block of Ethereum

Fair PPLNS system awards at 2Miners became a pledge of good mood miners Ethereum. November 22 users pool has received a much greater profit per unit Ethereum, because it got transaction with the highest Commission. In the end, the reward for one of them amounted to 9.6 ETH.

The reward for the block of Ethereum. Source:

Statement 2Miners about using a “proxy”

Some mining pools declared war on the miners that use so-called “proxy” to filter out all solutions that do not lead to finding a block. Against this background, representatives 2Miners made the official announcement: the pool will not take any action against these miners. With the exception of adding special labels to explain what is happening.

Miner. Source: 2Биткоина

According to the representatives 2Miners, the use of such proxy servers reduces the load on the power pool, and increases the chance of finding a timely block for miners with low speed Internet connection.


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