Richard Branson: Hyperloop will appear in India in seven years

The head of the board of directors of the start-up Virgin Hyperloop One Richard Branson discussed with the Indian authorities the prospects of a new transportation system and concluded a preliminary agreement on the construction of a test site in the next two to three years. According to Branson, a full branch of Hyperloop will be built by 2025.

Richard Branson and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed a preliminary agreement on the establishment of Hyperloop interchange in Maharashtra, which is to connect the airport of Mumbai, the largest Indian city, to Poona.

The road from Pune to Mumbai airport takes about four hours by car. Virgin Hyperloop One plans to reduce travel time to 25 minutes, promising to transport up to 150 million passengers and hundreds of tons of cargo each year. According to the company's specialists, this Hyperloop line will bring a serious income to India. Over 30 years of operation, the country's budget will be replenished by a new transport system for $ 55 billion, and it will also help significantly reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Last December, developers of the Virgin Hyperloop One were able to overclock the test passenger capsule to 387 kilometers per hour inside the pipe with a pressure of 0.0002 atmosphere. At the moment, the development of the transport system continues. The management of the company considers as potential partners of the government of different countries, focusing primarily on the Middle East, Europe and Russia.

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