Rightly so: the head of the Indian Department Bitconnect was arrested while trying to escape from the country

The head of the Indian branch of the Bitconnect Gives Darji was arrested this week at the Delhi airport immediately after arrival from the UAE. He is accused of stealing millions of dollars of investors ‘ infamous project. This writes the News.bitcoin.

What happens to cryptocurrency scammers

Case Bitconnect continues to sound echoes around the world. This week the head of the Asian group of financial pyramid has been arrested on suspicion of having links with the disappearance of several millions of dollars that investors Bitconnect has invested in the project.

According to local media, the official office Darji was registered in the UK, but the rascal led from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

It is noteworthy that the creation of Bitconnect perfectly coincided with demonetizations Indian rupees. In 2016, the government of India announced the abolition of bills value of 500 and 1000 INR in the framework of the fight against the black market and terrorism.

Nothing but the demonetization was sharp and unexpected. In the country immediately created the problem of shortage of cash, and the banks lined up in long lines of panicked citizens. Hasty decision of the government have shaken the Indian economy, while the shares of the largest companies in the country began to plummet.

And here comes into play Bitconnect. A pyramid scheme has gained immense popularity in India. Why keep money in Fiat, which any minute may again be impaired by the officials? The residents fell for the Scam and suffered their savings in tokens BCC.

On the background of bullish trend 2017 business at Bitconnect was better. But here’s the first of the January correction Bitcoin instantly brought down the entire financial pyramid. “Mentors” Bitconnect immediately began EN masse to leave India. The investigation of this fraudulent scheme was uncovered cooperation even large Indian politicians with the leadership of a Scam.

The representative of the local intelligence Agency told about the details of the arrest Divecha Darji.

Darji still lived in Dubai, when the us warrant was issued for his arrest. The immigration Department warned our Department that Darji left UAE and went to Ahmedabad. Almost immediately after this fraud was detained at the airport. The defendant was engaged in India and other countries, promising high interest on investments in coins Bitconnect.

We will remind, soon bidding tokens BCC will be stopped permanently. However, the hysteria around the collapsed pyramid still continues. To avoid becoming a victim of such a Scam, listen to the wise counsel of our cryptodata.


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