Riley, my X50 pro 5G will come with fast charging capability 65W

Today confirmed Relais via tweet on Twitter that the phone relock my X50 pro 5G platforms will support rapid charging capacity of up to 65 watt! Here are explained to Riley that she’s going to use a technique called بـSuperDart which we have seen the patent is not already in the previous year.

It was expected that the phone comes Riley my X2 Pro with this technique except that the phone comes with a charging capacity of 50 Watt and 65 Watt, and you call my X50 pro 5G will be the first phones supporting this technology of the company owned two.

In addition, he assured Riley that the X50 pro 5G will come with a processor Snapdragon 865 new flagship will also come with support for networks of the fifth generation, both NSA and SA, in addition the phone will come with a front camera and dual top left of the screen which will be strictly FHD+.

Finally, fear not relly my X50 pro 5G will come with random memory capacity of 12 GB memory storage with a capacity of 265 GB will also support Android 10 and Realme new UI, based on these specifications we can phone relock my X50 pro 5G that phone a first-class pilot! But wait till you learn to relly on all the details officially on 24 February.

Source: GSMArena

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