Ring silver terrier Chen more than 2.1 million electronic attack

Believe attacks penetrate Mail Business list of the largest security risks that users encounter most profitable for the perpetrators, where they arrived the losses caused by the attacks of the penetration of British business to 1.77 million last year, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the FBI published its annual report recently, dwarfed in front of this big dance for all losses combined due to combustion processes emotion, identity theft and credit card phishing software request for ransom during the same period.

And with reports of attacks in 117 countries around the world, the FBI has posted a press release announcing exceeded the losses caused by the attacks of penetrating mail business of $ 26 million at the level of the world during the past three years.

To put it in the context of the comparison, showing that the losses known and recorded even today as a result of this threat has surpassed the total global losses from all of the software ransom (and I’m Cray $ 4 billion) and software (note Petya $ 10 billion).

Recognizing the seriousness of this threat and its impact on users, the researchers will continue the company Palo Alto Networks, focus on key focus in their research on cyber crime in Nigerian, due to the big avalanche of attacks penetrating-Mail the business received from that region.

Where produced those hostile to the society which referred to as silver terrier to date, more than 31,300 of models of malware that have entered into wage 2.1 million electronic attack.

Since the humble beginnings of that sentence in 2014, which consisted of a few individuals messing with commercial software damaging, data show growth in number significantly to include more than 480 on the one hand and the different we track it at the moment.

Has evolved the beauty of the silver terrier within five years (2014 to 2019) of the group messed up two starters to become a criminal electronics rebel.

According to the latest findings of the Palo Alto Networks we have seen an increase in attacks penetrate mail business targeting the sectors of legal and professional services increased by 1163 percent through 2019.

Despite not possessing in-depth view about the reason for it, except that the jump review the great challenge case in the practice of targeting pursued by the beauty of the silver Terry hostile.

Said House, Real, domestic security threats have Palo Alto Networks, said: “the 2019 breakthroughs for a business in the sense 92,739 attacks per month, peaked in the month of June 2019 by 245,637 attacks, to represent this increase by 172 percent compared with 2018, has been exploited in these attacks, e-mail protocols to access the network the target by 97.8%, and was more common tools and the beauty of the silver Terry in attacking the institutions once you penetrate its networks, tools, stolen data and tools to manage systems remotely.

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