Ripple back on the horse: the growth of trading volume and listing XRP 30 new exchanges

Company Ripple has published a report for the fourth quarter of 2018. It can be seen that despite the very poor condition of cryptorhynchus, this year for the company were profitable. According to the report, the company sold 129,03 million native tokens, XRP. The amount received by adding of 88.88 million tokens, sold “software” way, and of 40.15 million, implemented through its subsidiary XRP II to institutional investors. The equivalent of 24.09 per cent of the total volume sold XRP for the year. Thus the previous estimates in terms of has come true.

In the 4th quarter from the escrow account of the company issued 3 billion of XRP, however, 2.4 billion of them were just transferred to the new escrow contracts. As representatives of the Ripple, and the freed tokens go to different activities which will contribute to the development of the project.

The report also provides an important indicator of average daily trading volume of XRP, which is 595,7 million tokens. Also contrary to the behavior of the market volatility of XRP decreased and trading volume increased significantly.

XRP sulistio another 30 exchanges

The other good news is the successful listing of the token XRP 30 new exchanges. At the moment the token is available in more than 100 cryptomeria around the world. The world’s largest platform of digital assets Binance also added XRP as a base pair. Now the exchange allows you to trade coin in pairs XRP/TRX and XRP/XZC.

Writes Ethereumworldnews, currently XRP is Aldona with the highest market capitalization. Recall now the CEO of the company brad Garlinghouse participates in the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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