Ripple has donated $29 million for the development of secondary education in the United States

In January, the market capitalization of the coin is Ripple, which is the third largest cryptocurrency, has exceeded $ 147 billion. Co-founder of cryptocurrency Chris Larsen made a fortune at the same time with his development for a short time he became the eighth in the list of the richest people in the world. Now the developers of the coin have donated 29 million dollars for the development of educational institutions in the United States, writes Bitcoinist.

Cryptocurrency and charity

The donation was made in their own XRP cryptocurrency project. Coin sent charitable organization that allows anyone to support the development of education in the United States.

Ripple every employee, from top managers to new team members, began his journey in one place — in the classroom. It here there are dreams that then become great stories.

As the newspaper notes, the Ripple of his donation has closed all lots are available on the website on 27 Mar. Each position is consistent with the needs of a particular school. Among them — providing educational institutions with books, school textbooks, technical solutions, training equipment and others.

Company representatives told us why she chose According to them, this organization adheres to the “same principles of increasing access to education” that Ripple and development of the financial system.

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