Ripple is not going to fall. Will there be growth?

Have a Ripple, unlike the rest of the stock market, while there is still at least a tiny hope for growth. This hope will live up to that time, the coin will not fall below 35 cents. By the way, last week, the XRP has become one of the most profitable investment is the volatility of the coin was “only” 22 percent. For comparison, the volatility of Bitcoin over the past seven days reached as much as 32 percent.

Latest news

By 2021 the market eCommerce should reach the capitalization of 4.88 trillion dollars. Now a dominant position in this field is three companies — Amazon, Walmart, and Apple. Soon one of the best payment solutions for eCommerce can become a Ripple.

The second positive factor is that the coin could “move” the Ethereum with second place on Coinmarketcap. This suggests that despite the bear market, the project remains very interesting for investors, enthusiasts and major players in the market.

Technical analysis

As mentioned above, the Ripple remains the first candidate for growth among all top altcoins. However, this hypothesis will remain valid as long as the bulls will protect the line of the support zone 35 cents. At the moment it is not so far away, XRP is trading at 36 cents.

Image source — NewsBTC

In the case of falling below, next support level will be around 25 cents, the ultimate goal of the bears located in the area of 15 cents. Judging by the 1-week schedule, expect a sharp reversal of the bearish trend is just not worth it.

But on 1-day chart, which gradually formed the lows on one uplink, which may indicate a small pullback. Based on the current situation on the market, you’ll have to open a trading position.

Image source — NewsBTC

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