RNA was much more important than we thought

Well-known information about the structure of our body suggests that the main function of all vital processes is DNA. RNA is considered a “support structure”, which is involved in encoding, recording, transmitting information and so on. However, according to a new study scientists-biochemists from the United States, RNA could play a key role in some metabolic processes, such as immunity.

On opening is mentioned on the pages of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and meets a team of researchers from Emory University, led by Professor of Gramam Horse. For example, infection of cells with virus, the researchers told how it works. At the time of the destruction of cells by the virus, the damage to her internal structures. In response to this produces a specific signal protein OAS. After that produces another protein, which is already aimed at enabling the immune system recognizing a foreign substance and fight it.

And here begins the most interesting: in the human body there is a molecule of RNA called nc886. In this case nc means non-coding, which suggests that RNA does not encode none of the proteins. The molecule itself may be involved in the above cycle, along with (or instead of) the OAS, initiating the immune response. This suggests that the RNA molecule is able to perform the function of the protein, in fact they are not being. Previously, such has not been revealed, but we can assume that in other organs and systems can present similar ways of interaction.

At the moment it is difficult to say how much this way of activation of immune system is better or worse than “standard”, but in any case the new approach will allow to develop not only new types of antiviral drugs, but it is better to know the device’s immune system. After all, if some of its parts can be affected without the formation of signaling proteins and molecules, you can create new methods to improve immunity in a number of diseases related to suppression of immune system function.

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