“Robocode” will turn into a robot anything

The development of robots – it is extremely difficult and requires considerable resource consumption. But it is possible that very soon create machines can be used virtually everywhere, whatever the project OmniSkin – “robocode” that can turn almost any object into a managed robotic mechanism.

The development OmniSkins is a group of researchers led by Professor Rebecca Kramer–Bottiglia from Yale University. Each module “robocode” is movable and consists of a flexible polymer with integrated sensors. The mobility provided by small actuators of the heating spirals of nitinol. Nitinol is a metal with shape memory, which after heating and cooling it returns to its original state. In addition to this design “robocode” has pneumatic pockets, filled with air and deflate, due to which mobility is achieved. Versatility “robocode” is that he can be attached to any items to be used as a frame.

“This approach is quite promising in the development of robotic systems that can easily adapt to required situations. Our technology is developed in conjunction with NASA in the future can become part of missions to explore the moon and Mars, providing researchers robots to perform a variety of tasks. Now we want to improve the technology OmniSkins to all of its components to be printed on a 3D printer.”

As a technology demonstration, the authors showed how OmniSkins turns an ordinary cylinder of robocell, as well as a couple of very interesting applications of technology with which you can see with the help of video available below.

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