RoboMaster S1 first robot tutorial from DJI at a price of $ 500

Its company DJI two years to develop the first robot tutorial applies at a price of approximately $ 500 per defined prop RoboMaster S1, which combines the technique of the artificial intelligence and computing to the technical side of cameras.

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Offering the DJI android tutorial new RoboMaster S1 engine high performance frames with multiple directions, as featuring infrared technology, the speakers to the side of the camera supports HD video recording resolution up to 1080 pixels.

These specifications with technical artificial intelligence computing and robot. to see DJI education, which supports the perception of hand gestures and body, also supports the follow-up to the user when navigating from one place to another, also comes to Android Sensor working on the sketch for the robot.

Confirm the DJI on that robo RoboMaster S1 can be up to a speed of 8 miles per hour, also comes a removable battery can use old chargers of 30-35 minutes, it also comes android application for smartphone, which supports the user in controlling the robot remotely, to the side of the 3 styles of learning, and to have RoboMaster S1 for sale starting from the 12 of June at a price of $ 499.


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