Roborock H6 – handheld vacuum cleaner for which you are not ashamed

For a vacuum cleaner to be happy, it must be light, powerful, quiet and beautiful. Not so long ago I ran into one such. It's called the Roborock H6. This is a handheld vacuum cleaner, but with a slightly offbeat design that differs from much of what we see in stores and on posters. Recently, I have used several models of similar equipment and I can tell a lot about which side to approach this purchase. Therefore, I used it for a while, made my impression and am ready to share my observations regarding this model. At the same time, I will answer the question whether it is worth buying a Roborock H6 if you have thought about it.

A good vacuum cleaner doesn't have to be red, but why not?


Roborock handheld vacuum cleaner packaging

The vacuum cleaner is sold in a beautiful box, which is marked with pictures of everything you need, including the “reddot winner 2020” mark. This means that the vacuum cleaner has won a prestigious design award. This is also important for an item that you will use frequently. In order not to damage such a beautiful box, the manufacturer carefully removes it inside an ordinary cardboard box. Something like this Apple sells its iMacs to make the user enjoy the unboxing process.

When you buy something, it's always nice if it's well packaged.

I've always said that the box is a reflection of how the seller treats the product and the buyer. The fact that he did not spare a little money and time to create designs and select materials (including internal ones) shows that he respects his product. And if he respects him, then he tries to do as well as possible. Everything is simple and logical.

Vacuum cleaner set Roborock H6

  • Vacuum cleaner Roborock H6
  • A tube
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Accessory holder
  • Carpet brush
  • Flexible tube for hard-to-reach places
  • Mini brush
  • Docking station for storage and charging
  • Power adapter for charging

The delivery set is very rich.

The rest of the contents of the kit are standard – it includes a warranty, instructions and a few more "duty papers". Everything is packed well and lies exactly in its place. Therefore, nothing dangles or scratches against each other.

What impression does the Roborock H6 make

The first impression of this vacuum cleaner was a bit unusual. It fits comfortably in your hand, but the battery pack and other non-suction internal components are under the handle. As I understand it, this way you can achieve a lower center of gravity. As a result, the hand will be less tired. Even if I gave this engineering solution a too complex explanation, it still does not negate the convenience of using the vacuum cleaner.

This is the first handheld vacuum cleaner from the Roborock brand, better known for its robotic vacuum cleaners. The experiment turned out to be successful , as it looks interesting, and the matte, but bright colors of some of the case details emphasize the modern design. It becomes clear why he received the reddot award . Although such design tricks are not new and some brands have already tried it, but Roborock did better.

The color scheme of the vacuum cleaner is very pleasant

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Roborock H6 specifications

The vacuum cleaner turned out to be very light – its weight is only 1.4 kg . At the same time, lightness is achieved not due to the suction power, which creates a pressure of 25,000 PA, but due to the well-developed design. For a handheld vacuum cleaner, this is a very good level. In order to clean all surfaces as thoroughly as possible, while conserving battery power, the vacuum cleaner can automatically adjust the power depending on the surface. It will enlarge it on thick carpet and shrink it on a smooth surface.

Through these contacts, power is transmitted to the rotating brushes. They close themselves when installed on a vacuum cleaner.

The battery life of the Roborock H6 is approximately 90 minutes, but in Eco mode. At maximum power, the charge will "go off" in about 10 minutes. Due to the fact that the modes are combined, one charge is enough for cleaning even a large apartment without problems, not to mention local cleaning in the kitchen. A full charge takes about 4 hours and the battery capacity is 3,610 mAh. Charging is possible both from the charging station, which will hang on the wall, and from the wire if you do not want to drill holes in the walls.

As befits a good vacuum cleaner, the Roborock H6 has a built-in air purification system so that nothing gets back into the inner atmosphere of your home. It consists of a five-stage HEPA filter that traps even the finest dust particles.

Small but useful screen.

At the top of the handle of the vacuum cleaner there is a small OLED screen , which displays all the most important information, namely: the operating mode, the remaining charge, the need for maintenance and whether the fixing mode is activated or not. To activate it, there is a separate button on the side under the thumb. It allows you to choose whether the power button will have to be constantly pressed in order for the vacuum cleaner to work, or it can be released. This is a very convenient feature that many even more expensive models do not have.

The large round button switches the suction mode, and the small one on the side turns on the power lock.

It remains only to add about the dust collector. Its capacity is 400 ml, and for cleaning it is enough just to open the lid over the trash can and all the collected debris will fall out into it. If you want to completely get rid of the dust in the container, just rinse it with water and the problem is solved.

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Should you buy the Roborock H6

To answer the question whether it is worth buying a Roborock H6 for 29,990 rubles, I used it for several days and made my own conclusions. Despite the fact that it has competitors in this price category, they will not offer such a rich set of attachments and such suction power. And they will not have a screen and stylish design. Separately, they can boast of something similar, but it will hardly be possible to find a model in which all this will be combined and the price will not be higher.

Filtration system caution.

For myself, I noted the low weight and the presence of the power lock button as the main advantages of the Roborock H6. I also liked that the dust container is made of matte, slightly darkened plastic. Someone may not like how it looks when the vacuum cleaner is new, but it will look exactly the same in the future. Other models sport the crystalline sheen of the plastic dust collector, but after a few cleanings, it leaves, and the cobweb of scratches begins to repel the eye.

If the price of Roborock H6 does not bother you, then you will definitely like it. For that kind of money, you can hardly find anything better. You can buy it from our friends in the Lamobile cool gadgets store . And for more details on the characteristics, follow the link below.

Buy Roborock H6

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