Robotic vacuum cleaners iRobot learned to clean floors, communicating with each other

With the development of technologies to maintain cleanliness in the house is becoming easier, but perfection, as we know, there is no limit. Robotic vacuum cleaners are today is no surprise, but the American company iRobot came up with than to attract the attention of potential buyers. She has released updated models of their robots Roomba and Braava, which together make the floors in the apartment doubly clean after one cleans the room from dust and debris, the second is beginning to wash them thoroughly.

New models of robot vacuum cleaners called the Roomba s9+ and Braava Jet m6. The technology of communication between the two of them called Imprint Link — thanks to her, a couple of pet helpers understands when and where you need their help, and alternately doing cleaning. Thanks to innovations in design and cleaning system, they do it is likely much better than the other models.

New robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot

In the model Roomba s9+, the company abandoned the standard round shape of the case — now the front part of the flat cleaner that allows him to drive up close to the walls and to clean the hard to reach places. The company says that the five brushes effectively grab dirt, however, is for the robot to perform more maneuvers, respectively, the battery will sit more often.

Robot Braava m6 performs the function of mops, but unlike other models does not have a reservoir of water, and wielding a spray bottle and dry pads to absorb moisture. Like vacuum companion, it is equipped with 3D sensors scan the obstacles 25 times per second and create a map of the room.

Of course, “smart” appliances are pretty expensive — the cost of the Roomba s9+ will be impressive 1299 dollars, and Braava m6 will cost $ 499. That’s not all, because the second device will need napkins, which are sold in sets of 7 pieces and cost $ 8.

Do you have experience of using robot vacuum cleaners? Are they useful as what they say? Their opinions can be shared in the comments, or in our Telegram chat.

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